UK-based fintech Plum has rolled out its app in five new European countries, including Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus.

Plum customers in these markets can now connect their bank accounts to the app. Using proprietary automated tools, Plum helps people manage their finances and help combat money inertia when making smart financial decisions. This includes allowing people to automatically set aside money on a regular basis according to their goals.

UK-based fintech Plum has rolled out its app in five new European countries, including Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus.

Increased budget through savings and investments to cope with high cost of living

The app allows clients to use stock investment services to diversify and grow their funds over the long term. You can invest up to 3,000 US stocks with no fees. Customers can start investing from as little as €1 through fractional shares in popular companies such as Google, Meta and Amazon.

Plum also offers VISA debit cards that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. This is available at no additional charge to customers who pay for the subscription, and users can pay online, via Google Pay, or in person at participating merchants, or withdraw cash anywhere at no additional charge. Europe.

Increased presence in Europe

Plum is growing its presence across Europe at a moment when money management becomes more important. Prices in the eurozone remain high, with inflation hitting 9.2% in December 2022, according to a press release, meaning people continue to face cost-of-living challenges. . The app makes it easier for people to save, budget and invest, and has already helped her 1.5 million people across Europe save more than her €1.79 billion.

Company officials are excited to bring Plum to five new European countries to help people manage their finances there. This is an economically difficult time as people are experiencing levels of inflation not seen in decades, leading to cost of living challenges. The need for long-term financial resilience is clear and he created Plum precisely to help those working on this so that customer money management is automated and wealth is protected for the future. will do so.

A presence in 10 markets overall shows that Plum is a truly European company. The company is committed to empowering people with a complete money toolkit, fostering financial well-being now and long term, and increasing money motivation. Plum’s app intelligence means it offers a smart alternative to traditional tools and helps people make more money in a variety of ways.

The launch marks the next step in Plum’s European expansion, following successful launches in the UK, France, Spain, Ireland and Belgium. This means Plum is present in his 10 countries across Europe.

Detailed information on Ume

Plum is money, motivation. This is a smart money app with a mission to automate wealth building. Founded in 2016, Plum automates the parts of personal finance that people find difficult or time-consuming, helping them manage their savings, investments, budgeting, and spending. Plum has over 1.5 million customers in the UK and he has helped secure over £1.5 billion in the EU.

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