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Costco isn’t always the best source of everything I need.

Key Point

  • Shopping at Costco generally saves a lot.
  • Some items may not be in stock or may not be sold at the lowest price.
  • They tend to buy school supplies, office supplies, pet food, and products for sensitive skin on Amazon.

When I first started shopping at Costco over a decade ago, it took me a while to truly understand the power of bulk shopping. , increasingly relied on Costco.

When you shop there, you often get less credit card tabs than at other stores. Also, buying in bulk can save you from the hassle of having to visit the store multiple times.

At the same time, Costco isn’t the only place I regularly go to for my essentials. I also shop on Amazon. In fact, I’ve been a Prime member for years, and while I wasn’t happy with the cost of a Prime membership rising to $139 last year, I also knew there was no chance of cancellation due to the price increase. .

Not only do I rely on Amazon for last-minute purchases, but there are certain items I buy on Amazon almost all the time. I would like to introduce such an item.

1. School and office supplies

While working from home and having school-aged children, I found myself needing to regularly stock up on pencils, notebooks, and other work-related supplies.

For some reason, my local Costco doesn’t tend to stock those items regularly. , or when my printer runs out of ink or paper, Amazon usually saves me money.

2. Pet food

It is possible to find pet food at Costco.

Amazon offers a wider range of pet food and related products, making it one of my go-to sources for feeding my giant dog. Additionally, Amazon lets you sign up to have your pet food delivered automatically each month via their Subscribe & Save program. This allows you to receive discounts on those purchases. It also eliminates the need to drive home large bags of food.

3. Sensitive skin products

At Costco, you can find a wide variety of personal care products, from soaps to shampoos to face lotions. However, if you have sensitive skin like I do, Costco’s selection may not be for you.

As with pet food, Amazon tends to offer a much wider range of personal care products than Costco.

I love shopping at Costco, but that doesn’t mean I won’t shop elsewhere.

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