A 5-0 lead was enough for the Houston Astros this time.

A day after the Philadelphia Phillies won 6–5 in extra innings, the Astros handled business in Game 2, winning 5–2. Framber Valdez gave up his one run in his 6.1 innings and recorded nine strikeouts, and Houston led the game with his three consecutive extra base hits for the first time in Worlds history. His two-run home run by Alex Bregman added insurance, but Houston controlled the game from the first pitch.

Here are the best sights and sounds from Game 2 of the 2022 World Series tie.

Game 2 points

Houston’s 5-2 win was the quintessential Astros win in 2022, so we didn’t get Game 1 drama. Valdes he was great on the mound for 6.1 innings, with the top of the lineup doing all the damage and the bullpen closing it out. This is why the Astros won 106 in his 2022 season and why he went 8-1 this postseason.

The game ended in just four pitches when Jose Altuve, Jeremy Peña and Jordan Alvarez each doubled their speed to take a 2-0 lead from Zach Wheeler. Altuve came out of the postseason slump with his three-hit, Bregman added his two-run homer, but Valdez brought home the night’s Star of the Night honors. As usual, I couldn’t get the ball in the air against him. He got 19 outs in one inning, nine for strikeouts, nine for ground balls, and one to left field for Bryce Harper. Two double plays helped him get out of some small jams.

The Phillies had their best opportunity in the big inning on Rafael Montero in the eighth off reliever when Kyle Schwarber missed a two-run homer, two. First, he hit a long foul ball that was ruled a home run before the umpires met, correctly calling it a foul ball. Then he flew to Kyle Tucker in front of the right field wall. Harper came on late in the inning with two runners on board, but he popped out into the shallow right-center with shortstop Pena pulling a catch in a near-collision with Tucker.

Having both Aaron Nola and Wheeler hit hard in the starting lineup is certainly a bit of a concern for the Phillies. It certainly feels like the Phillies’ road to a World Series title is heavily dependent on pitchers delivering great outs, but that hasn’t happened. At least, it’s only a historic 5-run comeback in Game 1 that gave them a split in his first two games.

One interesting point: Dusty Baker likes to keep starters in the game. Valdes said he had thrown 94 pitches in the sixth when he returned in the seventh. Sure, he was 5-0 at the time, but Nick still left him behind after his double leadoff for Nick Castellanos. Given that Houston’s bullpen allowed him four earned runs in 40.2 innings in the postseason and only allowed him 19 hits, the rest of the series will be something to watch. — David Schoenfield

bregman goes to the garden

Alex Bregman hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning off Zach Wheeler’s slider to give the Astros another 5–0 lead. Wheeler had a great 1.78 ERA in his first four games of the postseason, but his fastball speed wasn’t the same and he relied on throwing more off-speed balls than normal. . His fastball averaged 94.2 mph. This is from the guy who ran the maximum 99 miles in the last Padres race. He started to lose speed after a few innings in that game, but the Phillies replaced Wheeler in Game 1 with Aaron starting his Nora, giving him an extra day of rest. is one. It’s starting to take its toll on Wheeler. As for Bregman, he played with a hand injury last postseason and struggled when he hit . You may remember It was his third home run of the 2022 postseason. — Shanefield

Handled by Valdes

Framber Valdez had a World Series to forget last season. He started 2 in each game, allowing only 4.2 innings, 10 runs total, and 2 home runs. With an early lead in Game 2, we look at the man who won 17 games this season and led the Americans in innings pitched in his league with a 2.82 ERA. He mowed down his 4-5-6 hitters in the Philadelphia lineup, beat out Brice his Harper on a curveball, threw Nick his Castellanos to his third on his ground ball, and Alec his Baum. He hit from the knee with a 97 mph sinker. No, it’s not fair: Valdez has his one of the best curveballs in the game. It’s a cutter with crazy moves… oh he can dial it up to 97. Justin Verlander tired in the middle of Game 1, but it doesn’t look like that will happen to Valdez. — Shanefield

Houston takes the lead

Jose Altuve had a dismal 4-37 record in the postseason before hitting Zach Wheeler’s first pitch, a 96.4 mph fastball, for a leadoff double to left field. Jeremy Pena then hit Wheeler’s next pitch, a curveball, into left field for his eighth extra-base hit in the postseason. Two pitches later, Jordan Alvarez scored another double with a fly ball out of the Crawford box. 4 pitches, 3 doubles, 2-0 lead. This is the first time a team has started a World Series game with a three-game streak.

The Astros then stole 3 runs thanks to the Phillies’ poor defense. Alvarez aggressively tagged center fielder Matt Biering with a regular flyball.Who said big men can’t run? — and scored when Rhys Hoskins failed to scoop shortstop Edmund Sosa’s throw in the dirt with two outs. All through the postseason, we waited for the Phillies defense to hurt them. They said he had three bad plays in one inning – a throw with bad feel, a bad throw from Sosa, and a bad scoop from Hoskins. Astros 3-0. Sound familiar? — Shanefield

pre-match fashion

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