Jennifer Walton, owner of Sky Nile Consulting, a marketing and brand strategy firm, is one of many black women who have left corporate America to start their own businesses.

Jennifer Walton had two “big resignations”.

After being promoted to associate vice president of marketing at the Nationwide Retirement Institute, she stepped down in 2021, making a huge impact on her work.

She moved into the public sector and worked as the marketing director for the Central Ohio Department of Transportation. But she said she felt “handcuffed” by her ability to make a difference in the lives of her clients.

After some soul searching, she decided to “bet on herself” and start a company called SKY Nile Consulting, which provides guidance on marketing and brand strategy, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Did.

“I wanted flexibility in my life,” said Walton, 38, of Olde Towne East.

“I wanted to maximize my earning potential. I wanted to maximize my talents. I wanted my values ​​to align with my work. , I knew that if I had to check those four boxes, I could only get one for myself.”

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