If you’re a media person or business entrepreneur and you’ve never crossed the path of Pius Kamugisha, aka Pio Uncle, you’ve missed countless important life lessons.

Uncle Pio’s persona and generosity were such that the oppressed and wealthy were drawn from his overflowing chalice of wisdom.

The low-key, cordial father of five was involved in an accident last Saturday night on the Entebbe Kampala highway after the black UBK320P Benz he was cruising with collided with Lt. Col. Ephraim Bjargaba’s Toyota Hilux. died of injuries caused by Kamgisha is said to have lost control and hit a concrete barrier in the middle after trying to overtake Byargaba.

Karung East MP Joseph Seung watered down a police report blaming Kamgisha for the accident while addressing Tuesday’s Requiem Mass at St. Jude Catholic Church in Wakiso. Ssewungu repeated his dismissal and threatened foul play when he was buried in Ibanda on Wednesday.

“People at the scene said the passing indicator lights were still working while he was being retrieved from the wreckage.

Ssewungu, who studied under Kamugisha at Savio-Kisubi primary school and Kabojja primary school, cited poorly lit accident hazard spots on highways as a concern. His pleas in parliament fell on deaf ears.

Always looking dapper in his fitted suit, Adidas kicks, and trademark glasses, Kamgisha lived his life in the fast lane. He likes his rides and has modified expensive Benzes and his BMW models like diapers. Despite this flamboyant appearance, Kamgisha easily mixed with the underprivileged. Some who admired him attribute such mannerisms to his being raised by his wealthy father and stepmother, who treated him like their own.

After attending St Mary’s College Kisubi and Makerere University Business School (Mubs) in the early 1990s, Kamugisha landed a lucrative job as a direct sales representative at what was then Celtel-Uganda.

He joined the former Crusader Publications in 1997 as Circulation Manager.

After that, he was the content director of SMS Media and then the CEO of BlueCube for eight years.

Alongside Dr Innocent Nahabwe and Robert Busingye Itwara aka Bobby, he became co-owner of many businesses including Galaxy FM, 991 bar in Salaama, Kagwirawo Betting Company, BlueCube and Galaxy TV. radio waves.

“He was the calmest of the three of us,” recalled Bobby, adding that Kamgisha “usually spoke last and his submissions often helped relief or moving forward.”

October 21st began as a regular Saturday for Kamgisha. This time it was a simple errand to drive her eldest daughter Mercy her Kamgisha to Entebbe airport in the afternoon.

Seeming to have a premonition of what the night might bring, he tells his friends at the Sengewakiso residence that he will take Mercy to the airport, but he fears that this will be the last time he sees Mercy. was doing.

Mercy, who holds a law degree from Makerere University and a similar diploma from LDC, resisted the temptation to check her WhatsApp messages on the plane. She dared to try to unlock her cell phone while at London’s Heathrow Airport, but she was greeted by a bomb.

“Daddy loved us and did everything for us. He left us with so many memories,” she told mourners three days later, adding, “I All of his brothers will miss his love,” he added.

If you’re still moved by it, think of Kamugisha’s mother, Agnes Nanyangji. He answered in the affirmative, thanked her for the prayers she said, and wished her good night, her last words still ringing in her ears.

“Pius was my last candle. He took care of me while I was sick. I don’t know if I will.

This reporter met Kamugisha for the first time 10 years ago. In 2021, I butted horns with his then-Galaxy FM colleague Mosh Sendi in the lord council elections of Ggaba and Kansanga. To sway voters, I wanted to spend millions and take out a large car loan.Like his father, Kamugisha should not have sold his Premio to get more loans to get into city hall. He advised me not to.

The damage was minimal when they lost the race of lord councilors at the hands of Mr. Sendy. It would have been worse if I hadn’t taken Uncle Pio’s advice. I wasn’t the only Galaxy FM employee to benefit from Kamugisha’s wisdom.

“He was attentive to the welfare of his staff and restless during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic to make sure the spirit of working at the station had not waned. He was very good at it, corrected the presenter’s mistakes on the spot, and was always careful not to overdo it with his tabloid presentation.”

Radio receptionist Daphne Nakyambade fondly remembers Uncle Pio buying “a delicious pizza for a decorating gig for family and friends.”

According to Robert Senwogerelele, director of Fusion Auto Spa Munyonyo, where the late Kamgisha spent much of his spare time, he showed business acumen when they met as students in 1992. 10 Developmental sacco start.

“He lived behind a legacy of integrity, the spirit of Ubuntu, and was the embodiment of Ugandanism,” Ssemwogerere said. I told him about it,” he added.

Dr. Nahabwe revealed in a dejected tone the adventurous traits that saw him and the deceased build a string of businesses over the course of 17 years.

“We met at SMS Media in 2005 when he stepped down… In 2009 we started the former Amnesia club which transformed into the 991 club in 2018. Among our many successful business ventures, we founded Kagwirawo Betting and Galaxy FM,” Nahabwe reflected before pledging to continue supporting the bereaved families.

Saint Mary Musei Catholic Church – According to Lay Senge Head, Mwanje Lebois, Kamgisha contributed generously to the construction of the church. At St. Jude’s Church in Wakiso, he spearheaded an ongoing renovation of the facility.

Senge villagers will remember the free-spirited souls who warmly loved Heineken and puffed Rex cigarettes from afar.

His wife, Esther Wamala Kamgisha, was a news producer for CBS FM for many years and remembers thinking the news of the accident was a joke.

“Two years ago we had a wedding and the theme was getting old together. Imagine my pain at losing a loved one,” she said of the man who gave birth to two boys (Daniel Barige Kamgisha and David Atwin Kamgisha).

Perhaps Kamgisha got a premonition of his fate from what he tweeted in 2016. If you hold it too lightly, you will lose it. If you hold it too tightly, it will still be lost. “

Kamugisha has used the Entebbe Express Bypass for its entire life and advised colleagues to always avoid “dangerous places”. Little did he know that he would die at the young age of 48.

Spouse: Esther Wamarra

Children: Marcy Kamgisha, Daniel Kamgisha, David Kamgisha, Manuel Kamgisha, Adrian Kamgisha.

Schools: Our Lady of Africa Mbuya, St Savio Junior School, St Mary’s College Kisubi, Mubs.

Worked for: Celtel, Crusader Publications, SMS Media, BlueCube Ltd, Galaxy FM, Amnesia Club

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