I participated in multiple candidate gatherings and forums. There are two distinct individuals I know that work from day one.

They are current city employee Gisette Mullins and current employee Sharon Springer. Both have been in public service for many years.

Another reason is that Olive Ave is not safe from being permanently ruined.

The current City Council voted 5-0 to not support Metro’s plan to remove two lanes of buses, but the issue is not over yet. The Subway Board of Directors, including Supervisor Kathryn Berger and Glendale City Councilman Ala Najarian, were unanimous in favor of pushing for the removal and opposed mixed flow, which was supported by council and staff.

Zizette Mullins opposes the removal of the two lanes in favor of safe, alternative and reliable transportation, citing the impact on local businesses and senior centers. Transportation advocate Sharon Springer also voted against it for similar reasons.

I fear that some of the other candidates will accept Metro’s plans outright and do us a disservice.

David Donahue
Burbank Residents and Business Owners

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