Mike Beder works at the bar in The Loft, one of the latest ventures for the busy Kent entrepreneur.

Mike Beder never seems to stop working.

“The exciting part of small business to me is the idea and the formation, and the creation of it all. After the day to day sets in, that’s when I get a little restless,” Beder said, adding that his restlessness can sometimes be a detriment but it’s what “keeps (him) moving.”

Even during an interview last month, the chronically busy 45-year-old entrepreneur was talking about closing another deal to acquire The Loft on Kent’s Main Street.

In addition to his recent acquisition of The Loft, he has a stake in the Water Street Tavern — his longest venture, having been involved for the past 21 years — Venice Café, Kent Sportswear, The Cleveland Bagel Café, and Lake House Kitchen & Bar.

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