Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit Lions

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One to five Lions living in a cellar are potential sellers at the trade deadline, and one of the names making the rounds is tight end TJ Hockenson.

A fourth-year player under contract until 2023, Hockenson understands the chatter.

“Listen, I’m not stupid. I know what I can bring to other teams. If they want something, if they want to do something for the future, I is not stupid in that sense.” Hockenson recently told Dave Burkett detroit free press, via “It’s a business and I’m going to do whatever they have to do upstairs. Nothing about That’s exactly what it is. So I am neither stupid nor naive about that fact. “

Hockenson says he wants to stay with the Lions, and it makes sense for the Lions to keep as many good players as possible. The question is whether and to what extent they will be willing to give him a big contract before his rookie contract expires.

He is expected to earn $9.362 million next year. The 5th year option is fully guaranteed.

Hockenson had one great game in 2022, catching eight for 179 yards and scoring two touchdowns against the Seahawks. In his other five games for Detroit, he has scored 136 yards and one touchdown in his 15 catches.

If they’re not going to use him more regularly, perhaps teams and players and new teams are better off staying with him. You can stockpile one or two draft picks in

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