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Derek Lidow

Entrepreneur, Author, Global CEO
Professor of Practice, Keller Innovation Center for Engineering Education
Princeton University


Kate McCarthy Zachry

JRN’07, Journalist, Wakefield Research Executive Director

Some 600 million entrepreneurs worldwide are key shapers of our culture, but their role in driving progress and influencing society is often overlooked. In this presentation, Global CEO, Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Princeton University Professor Derek Lidow reveals the profound impact entrepreneurship has on society. From prehistoric hunter-gatherers in eastern Jordan, to Madame Tussauds in 19th-century London, to Louis Leahre, who unveiled the bikini to the world in 1946, Rideau delves into the deep history of innovation and how entrepreneurs value it. create and bring about change. He further explores why governments have always been ineffective in dealing with the unintended consequences of entrepreneurs and how to give and delegate responsibility to entrepreneurs to make the world sustainable and fair. Clarify if action needs to be taken.

Lidow shows that entrepreneurs are not heroic lone individuals, but copy and add to the inventions of others. The cumulative innovation of the entrepreneurial flock increases the size, scope and range of products and services. Lidow also emphasizes that entrepreneurship not only benefits society, but can also harm it, highlighting ways to mitigate its harmful aspects and capitalize on its positive effects. . By highlighting the fundamental nature of innovation throughout history, Lidow provides an essential new perspective on how it shapes our present and future. Disputing much of what we think we know about entrepreneurship, Lidow reveals:

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“Lidow has given us the most comprehensive, rigorous, and well-documented treatment of entrepreneurship. This book is three in one. Timeless. A careful history of entrepreneurship, an economics book that analyzes entrepreneurial incentives and behavior and the resulting social response, and a management book for entrepreneurship students and professors. The fact that all three are presented in a charming, carefree style is a precursor to The Entrepreneurs becoming a classic.” Shanta Devarajanformer Senior Director of Development Economics at Georgetown University and the World Bank

Derek Lidow Unique in his successful career as CEO of a global publicly traded semiconductor company, founder and CEO of innovative and valuable start-ups, and now a teacher and scholar of entrepreneurship and innovation. Dr. Lidow is a professor at the Keller Center for Engineering Education Innovation at Princeton University.he is the author of Startup Leadership: How Experienced Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas into Successful Companies (2014), Building on Bedrock: What Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Other Great Homebrew Entrepreneurs Taught Me About Building Valuable Companies (2018), and THE ENTREPRENEURS: A constant search for value (2022), with over 100 articles on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Lidow graduated with honors from Princeton University and received her doctorate from Stanford University as a Hertz Foundation Fellow.

pFivCIyw_400x400_1_.jpegKate McCarthy Zachry Executive editor at Wakefield Research, a leading market research firm. Before he joined Wakefield, News Director at WGBH News in Boston. Prior to that, the New Yorker was an editorial producer of the week at ABC News alongside George Stefano Porus, overseeing breaking news and special events for the show.

He has worked as a producer and digital producer for Good Morning America and as a digital producer for Thomson Reuters. She started her career with her C-SPAN on the White House beat. She was honored as a Carnegie Fellow in her 2007.

McCarthy Zachry holds a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and is a recipient of the Women’s International Leadership Fellowship. She earned her bachelor’s degree in international affairs with a minor in Spanish from George Washington University.

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