Radio Flyer’s Tesla Cyberquad for kids has been recalled for failing to meet federal safety standards. After disabling the electric all-terrain vehicle, the owner will receive a full refund.

Intended as a toy, the Cyberquad for Kids is designed for riders ages 8 and up, Radio Flyer said. It’s modeled after the four-wheel all-terrain vehicle that Tesla showed off at her Cybertruck launch event in November 2019. The $1,900 “toy” version sold out quickly when it launched in December 2021.

Although made by Radio Flyer, which owns the exclusive license for Tesla-themed ride-on toys, the kid-friendly Cyberquad was only available on Tesla’s website. About 5,000 were sold.

The problem, according to CPSC and Radio Flyer, is that the Cyberquad meets the legal definition of a “youth ATV.” This means that certain safety standards must be met, such as mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure. Also, companies that sell ATVs must provide safety training and information.

According to CPSC and Radio Flyer, the Radio Flyer version does not meet these requirements. “These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce the risk of collisions and injuries and prevent serious injury or death,” the CPSC said in a statement.

Although intended as a toy, the Cyberquad for Kids meets the legal definition of a youth ATV.

Tesla, which does not normally respond to media inquiries, did not respond to a request for comment Saturday morning.

“We take children’s safety very seriously,” Radio Flyer said on its website. “Radio Flyer is working closely with the CPSC to issue a voluntary recall of Cyberquad for Kids. Did.”

Owners are asked to remove the ATV’s motor controller (the computer that controls the power from the battery that goes to the electric motor) and send it to the Radio Flyer. Permanently disable the product. The owner has since received a full refund of her $1,900 purchase price of the ATV.

Remaining parts of Cyberquad for Kids can be disposed of according to local laws. Radio Flyer will provide an additional refund of up to $50 to cover disposal costs. However, the disabled product can be retained if the owner wishes.

Radio Flyer’s website has an online form that owners complete to request a return envelope for their motor controller.

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