From my point of view, Meta Quest’s marketing continues to decline. They increased the price of the Quest 2 from $300 to $400, while most existing customers either ignored or abandoned Horizon Worlds. It’s a VR centerpiece and was promoted via a Super Bowl ad that made him a reported $13 million.To further poison his own well, meta just advance announcement Quest 3 for Holiday 2023 … On Sale for Holiday 2022.And their chief advisor/evangelist was put on the (virtual) stage seemingly declare he has do not know What is Meta’s Pro goggle strategy, and various other VR complaints.

Now, I’ve been dabbling with video headsets for over 20 years, dating back to my graduate school compatriot doing augmented reality research and development. But I’m super geeky and don’t represent the “civilian” population. Taking people from flat and curved displays to immersive virtual reality is quite the leap. 1) Market the existing and familiar medium of next-generation hardware 2) Make it affordable — lowering the risk of investing in new technology and lowering barriers to entry overall.

Even I, this was driven home a few weeks ago when my family was away and wanted to see Batman. , sought maximum immersion while incorporating a variety of genres that my wife and daughter weren’t into. It turns out the movie is available on HBO Max… but HBO Max prevents playback in the Quest browser (unlike Disney+). The YouTube VR app has a nice interface for viewing, but I was completely unfamiliar with the rental method (on anything other than Quest) and found it cumbersome, so I moved to Amazon’s struggling VR app and made a I did a rental on.

Essentially, Quest requires an iTunes store. It’s a centralized repository for renting or buying and consuming media of all kinds in a clear and unified experience. Sure, some content could be 3D or VR (like the content that’s haphazardly scattered throughout the existing TV Hub app). But there are plenty of compelling “traditional” videos (think concerts!) that already exist, projected onto giant screens. Meta could also partner with someone, much like Roku first focused on movie and TV rentals.

Price-wise, $400 is a lot of money for developers of new technology and companies relatively new to hardware. Apple, it’s not. Starting at $200, the original Oculus Go was a collaboration with Xiaomi, and it’s a shame both companies have gone ahead to give people a taste of what immersive headsets can offer. For those with low end products may be a perfect fit or fit within your budget. For others, on the other hand, such units can ultimately inspire people to move up the product ladder to more costly and more functional units.

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