Entrepreneurship means different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to be your own boss and make your own schedule.For others, it’s a path to financial independence and freedom. Whatever that means for an individual, entrepreneurship requires grit, hard work and determination. To be successful, learning from other successful entrepreneurial leaders can be an effective way to scale and grow your business. In this article, Angelina Lawton, founder and CEO of her DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita and wall her street turned sports her tech entrepreneur, shares her insights on entrepreneurship and success.

define your identity

Your identity is yours alone. To stay focused as an entrepreneur, it’s important to define what your identity is and what it means. For Lawton, it was important to define his identity, his niche, to get the best results with his DIGIDECK products. she says: I think she needs to really own her niche before she can own the world. “

“The reason I’ve been successful is because I’ve figured out my focus area and built from there. Too many people are just trying to give everyone everything, especially when they’re in sales mode at the beginning.” Even more so at times.

get the right mindset

Angelina Lawton
Angelina Lawton

The right mindset is paramount to determining success. Lawton noticed a common setback in his entrepreneurial mindset during the transition from the financial world to the sports world. she says. It’s really you. Honestly, whether you can or not, you’re your biggest obstacle.You need to be confident and not hold yourself back.” Talk about how it helped you in the moment you felt it. “Whether it’s the only woman in the room or it’s okay to know nothing about your business because everyone else does, find the confidence to hang out in the right place. And go to meetings you’re afraid to go to, or give interviews that might seem intimidating to the press. It was how I kept going through it.But I think in both scenarios you often find yourself your own worst enemy.But in it you have the chance to be your own best source of success. Lawton hopes to impart this mindset to other women pursuing ventures in male-dominated industries. All it takes is practice, the right mindset, and the right concentration.”

Outside Lawton’s office, there’s a sign that says ‘Feel the Fear and Just Do It’, a perfect reminder of the mindset needed to make it happen.

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