• Police say the robbery was aimed at an Asian-American business owner in Westchester.
  • The Queens-based suspect allegedly committed crimes in Tarrytown and White Plains.
  • A task force of 17 law enforcement agencies worked on the case.

TARRYTOWN – An Asian-American business owner in Westchester County has been the apparent target of what police describe as a Queens-based robbery gang.

Tarrytown Police Chief John Barverett, who attended a press conference on Thursday, said evidence gathered by investigators first suggested that Asian-American business owners were being targeted. According to a news release issued by his department, the business owner was monitored by members of the ring.

Since none of the suspects have been identified, Barverett said he can only speculate as to their motives for targeting Asian Americans.

Still, he said, “I want to tell Asian-American business owners to be careful.”

Tarrytown Police Chief John Barverett speaking about a robbery suspect targeting an Asian-American, Oct. 27, 2022.

Tarrytown Police said they investigated two robberies in early October. These robberies appeared similar to several other locations in the county.

As the investigation progressed and revealed that an Asian-American business owner was apparently being targeted, Tarrytown Police enlisted Westchester County Police to form a multi-jurisdictional task force to assist with the investigation. was established.

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