U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh spent three days in Wisconsin this week delivering a message to help the state’s Democrats in next month’s election.

One of Walsh’s stops was at Ingeteam’s Milwaukee plant on Thursday. The Spain-based company manufactures wind turbine components in the Menomonie Valley.

Walsh toured the factory with Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin and Representative Gwen Moore from Wisconsin. Walsh spoke about the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. The law includes tax credits and other features aimed at expanding the production and use of cleaner forms of energy.

“At the end of the day, this is the biggest — I mean, you[Baldwin and Moore]know this because you did it — as an investment in clean energy and the environment. is the largest in the country to date, the bill will do a lot of good things on the one hand and create a lot of jobs on the other hand and help reduce the deficit.

Walsh also touted the recently passed CHIPS and Science Act, which aims to boost domestic manufacturing of semiconductors and other technologies, and the bipartisan Infrastructure Act passed last fall.

Labor Division Walsh argues Thursday while answering media questions on Ingeteam.

In a media briefing, WUWM asked Walsh about Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who voted against the measure, claiming it was spending too much money.

Walsh replied that the bill would help Wisconsin.

“I commend the elected officials who stand behind me, and commend every member of Congress who voted for these bills.These bills are positive. “They are: We can win the future. Win the future against China. Win the future with manufacturing,” Walsh said.

Lt. Gov. Mandela Burns, Johnson’s Democratic opponent in the November election, was not on tour with the Inge team. A spokesperson for the Johnson campaign argued that the Inflation Cuts Act would increase inflation and that Mr. Burns would serve as “a further warning sign of reckless spending that hurts hardworking taxpayers.”

Wisconsin’s midterm elections are Tuesday, November 8, 2022. If you have any questions about voting or elections, please submit them below or check out WUWM’s Voter Guide.

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