Two lawmakers received a prestigious award from the NFIB for their efforts in representing small businesses.

Guardian of Small Business Awards NFIB Awarded to lawmakers for their efforts to support small businesses.of NFIB Mississippi Leadership Council NFIB Members voted to award Sen. Josh Harkins and Rep. Trey Lamar for their outstanding leadership on small business issues.

Senator Josh Harkins

“Senator Harkins chairs the Senate Finance Committee, which helps shape tax policy in Mississippi.” NFIB State Secretary Dawn McBeer said: “He brings up his small business background when considering the state’s tax system. He understands that simple, flat and fair tax laws help small businesses grow and thrive. Since then, Senator Harkins has championed the most flexible, non-overburdening, regulatory and business-friendly environment in Mississippi.

“As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Lamar has played a key role in setting tax policy in Mississippi. , has worked tirelessly to help small business owners in a variety of ways.President Lamar understands that when small business owners can grow, so does the Mississippi economy. .

Congressman Trey Lamar

McBee said Sen. Harkins and Rep. Lamar have demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges facing Main Street, Mississippi, and are working to create an environment in which small businesses can grow and create jobs. He added that he is working tirelessly to maintain it.

NFIB Mississippi and the nation’s leading small business advocacy group.organization.Click here for details NFIB In Mississippi,

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