First guest reappearance! Sarah returns to her The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast, Steph joins as host again, and she and Chris ask guests questions about behavioral science, influence buyers, and more.

Behavioral Science in Marketing

Stef makes his third appearance in this latest episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast. A regular host, she replaces Olivia. Meanwhile, Sarah will be the first guest to make her two appearances and share even more expertise.

This time, Sarah educates listeners on the behavioral science in marketing, how marketers can use it to influence buyers and create personas, and why strategy needs to be refocused. .

There’s talk of behavioral science combined with data, how it works across different channels, and how marketers can forget they’re consumers.

Assorted Digital Rambling Podcast Episode 13

Listening to episode 13 of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast has never been easier. Listen in the embedded player below or visit the podcast home.

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episode 13 timestamp

0:00 – Introduction

2:20 – What is behavioral science?

5:30 – Are marketers forgetting they’re consumers?

7:00 – Coordination of behavior in different climates

10:00 – Can behavior be changed in the long term?

13:00 – Data to person

14:40 – Adjust strategy based on consumer sentiment

19:00 – Persona segmentation and creation

25:00 – Are personas different for each channel?

28:00 – Applying behavioral science to different channels

30:00 – Data and persona pairing

32:00 – Is it applicable to B2B marketing?

34:00 – Theorizing the behavior of marketing people

38:00 – Reflect on individual behavior

41:00 – Summary and further discussion

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