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The chief medical officer of Indianapolis-based Elevance Health Inc. (NYSE: ELV) said the company will focus on holistic health insurance to improve lives, rather than focusing solely on its main traditional business, health insurance. says it takes a healthy approach. In his discussion of Agbioscience, his podcast published by AgriNovus Indiana, Shantanu Agrawal, Ph. I said I was working on my health.

“We’re trying to put this integrated picture together because we basically think it’s driving health outcomes for someone,” Agrawal said. “This is no longer just conventional health care. We are not just talking about what happens in clinics and hospitals; I am thinking and working on it.”

Formerly known as Anthem, Elevance changed its name in March. Agrawal told his Mitch Frazier, podcast host and CEO of AgriNovus Indiana, that the rebranding better reflects its core mission.

“Elevance Health is all about improving and advancing overall health. I think it’s a continuum that doesn’t exist,” Agrawal said.

AgriNovus, the state’s ag bioscience industry accelerator, says Elevance Health is committed to connecting consumers to better nutrition and, as a result, better health. Partners say technology can play a role.

“Imagine if technology could be used to screen people for hunger in a clinic or through an organization like Elevance Health. But I want to know immediately, not in a week,” Agrawal said.

He says technology can connect children and families to resources and engage them in government-supported programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Elevance was a supporter of the AgriNovus HungerTech Challenge. Click here to listen to the full podcast coming out Monday morning.

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