Milan, Michigan — Milan will soon feel more relaxed as lavender grows throughout the downtown area.

A recent collaboration between the city and local business Lavender Lane resulted in the planting of two lavender trees on two islands in the city.

Two areas that were once overgrown with weeds will be planted with both pink and purple lavender in the next few years. Milan Mayor Ed Kohler said the city provided the topsoil and provided volunteers to grade the dirt, and Lavender Lane did the rest.

“I love the idea that everyone can smell the freshness of lavender downtown,” Kohler said. .”

Lavender Lane uses six acres of lavender grown at 12040 Plank Road to produce bath and body care items, beauty products, aromatherapy products, soaps, hand sanitizers, pet and children’s products, CBD and more. is a Milanese business offering products filled with – Infused product.

The business also has a physical store in Lavender Lane, the main street at 12 Via Main in downtown Milan, and is open all year round.

Joe Pusta, co-owner of Lavender Lane, said supporting the city was a “simple” decision for the business, which is a source of lavender as well as skills in growing plants. . Puszta will take care of the lavender as it grows in the city, he said.

Currently, one plot has 100 lavender plants and the other plot has about 60 lavender plants.

“I’m sure it probably helps draw some people to the farm, but that wasn’t the motivation for us to do this,” Puszta said. It was motivation enough to see how little was being done.”

lavender lane

Joe Puszta, co-owner of Lavender Lane, poses next to a lavender-planted island.

Lavender Lane may be helping the city, but the project is also helping Puszta, he said, adding that the project “wouldn’t be possible without[Kolar’s]cooperation and support.” rice field.

“One of the hardest things about being a business owner is getting lost in your own world… trying to balance the books[and]trying to grow the company,” he said. . “It’s easy to forget that you are part of this large community where your support is available, so this was so much needed, not just for the community, but for ourselves.”

There may only be two plantings right now, but Kolar and Pusta said they have plans to bring more lavender to the city next year.

Pusta is already looking for other places to declutter around Milan and has a goal of planting at least 500 lavender trees by the end of spring.

Kolar said the project may just be the beginning for other companies to do what Lavender Lane did. He already imagines what impact this collaboration will have on others to beautify Milan, whether it’s a private business or a city level.

“The fact that (Pusta) has a great product and he wants to bring it to the city means everything,” said Kolar. “It’s like getting the ball rolling and ideas growing.”

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