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Craft ‘Ohana is a combination of Maui Brewing Co. and Modern Times Beer + Coffee as Maui acquired Modern Times in 2022.

Vice President of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing oversees the Craft ‘Ohana marketing organization and is responsible for developing and executing well-defined marketing strategies that increase business and brand awareness. enthusiastic customer service. This role will be specifically responsible for marketing strategy, brand management, social media, promotions, programming, and developing and leading the marketing team. This role will lead the company’s approach to consumer-centric branding and consumer experience. Candidates must live in San Diego or Maui.

Important functions and responsibilities:

  • Lead the development, implementation and measurement of marketing strategies, objectives, goals and tactics that support Craft ‘Ohana’s brand, business and financial objectives
  • Responsible for setting the marketing vision, creating strategies to maximize consumer reach and develop the go-to-market process, with the goal of driving brand awareness, affinity and conversion.
  • Develop and run enthusiastic customer service focused on providing an amazing customer experience when interacting with the Craft ‘Ohana brand
  • Develop brand strategy, consumer segmentation, targeting and positioning for the Craft ‘Ohana brand to develop an innovative product line.Ensure the right qualitative and quantitative research is in place to support overall brand success
  • Leading external agencies through strategy and creative development for fully integrated marketing communications and campaigns
  • Develop market data analysis tools to evaluate current and future strategies
  • Identify changes in the craft beer/adult beverage market and assess, adjust or redirect strategic objectives accordingly
  • Develop a marketing strategy that maximizes ROI
  • Oversees all marketing activities (both paid and organic) including branding and positioning, digital, public relations, media, retail, packaging and experience.
  • Oversee all aspects of Craft ‘Ohana’s current product portfolio, innovation pipeline, and insight marketing
  • Work with sales teams to develop sales programs and pricing strategies, share opinions with distributors and retailers, and discover valuable insights on emerging consumer trends
  • Manage budgets to ensure dollars are allocated and spent efficiently and effectively within budget parameters.Responsible for maintaining these budgets throughout the year and balancing spending against volume and profitability expectations
  • Selection and evaluation of all external agencies, including the Chief Commercial Officer
  • Continuously monitor business and brand health performance using internal and external data resources to identify issues and opportunities to drive both brand development and volume performance.
  • Provides leadership and strategic direction to the team, ensuring outputs are of the highest standards with maximum impact
  • Identify progressive opportunities in branding/packaging and new product initiatives.Collaborate with internal and external teams to address opportunities and enable new initiatives to be executed
  • A creative and strategic partner to the business, an excellent manager/team leader, strong brand building experience, a proven creative approach to creating brand identities, Craft ‘Ohana’s Being a financially responsible business driver to help develop Brewery’s strategic objectives
  • Responsible for managing and directing the Director of Hospitality Operations, ensuring results that align with company goals and budgets, and delivering a consumer experience aligned with the company’s strategic objectives
  • Working closely with the Craft ‘Ohana leadership team
  • Carry out other assigned duties

Required education, experience and attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
  • 10+ years of progressive experience in brand development within CPG and track record of growing revenue
  • 5 years of experience managing a highly competitive category marketing department across multiple brand families.
  • Extensive experience leading and managing creative, paid media, and PR agencies
  • Previous experience in managing retail product projects (including but not limited to creative/packaging, bottling, shipping, inventory tracking, distribution, and marketing)
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, big-picture thinking, and leadership skills to develop marketing campaigns aimed at increasing customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value
  • Established history of building and leading successful marketing teams
  • Significant general management and P&L experience
  • Extensive budget and project management experience
  • Thriving in a rapidly changing collaborative environment
  • Excellent oral, written, presentation, and influence skills
  • Experience working with senior leaders on complex issues
  • Extensive experience leading qualitative and quantitative research and analysis on brand health, consumer behavior and product portfolios

Physical requirements and working conditions:

  • Prime office positions that require frequent travel between Maui and San Diego, trade fairs and events
  • Candidates can be based in either Maui or San Diego

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