PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, Oct. 28, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — UCLIQ is changing the future of performance marketing with AI traffic delivery and fraud prevention. The developers claim their platform instantly targets only relevant audiences for other companies, helping them detect 53% more scams.

UCLIQ Performance Marketing
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Artificial intelligence has irrevocably changed the world as we know it. Performance marketing is no exception.

With the development of innovative AI, many affiliate and performance marketing platforms are enabling companies to mine more detailed data on their success, analyze their campaigns and discover potential customers.

But the advanced AI solutions that were successful yesterday in scaling and were good enough to outperform today’s competitors proved insufficient.

The UCLIQ team believes that companies seeking to thrive in the highly competitive digital space should focus on AI solutions that can solve two types of problems: quality of delivered traffic and protection from fraudsters. thinking about.

UCLIQ CEO Alex Rand said: In my view, to develop and thrive, every modern business needs to be underpinned by technology that improves traffic quality and helps combat ever-evolving fraud. “

With a strong conviction, UCLIQ’s team leveraged all its experience and expertise in AI and performance marketing to launch innovative artificial intelligence marketing tools, Smart Traffic Delivery and Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention.

Smart Traffic Delivery System: An Overview:

Smart Traffic Delivery is an AI-powered, algorithmic marketing tool that helps businesses intelligently target relevant audiences.

Traditionally, marketing campaigns aimed at driving traffic to your business have included digital ads or social media posts across various platforms in hopes that prospective customers will find your brand and complete a transaction. was

However, such an approach ignores pre- and post-campaign customer behavior, requires marketing to analyze every activity, and bloats the budget.

Unlike traditional methods, Smart Traffic Delivery examines individual customer behavioral trends, applies mathematical analysis and inductive statistics, and automates multiple repetitive tasks.

It allows businesses to monitor all types of engagement 24/7, change campaigns at any time, and maximize effectiveness without the involvement of marketing managers or additional costs.

And with the rich customer insights gained from AI-driven campaigns, businesses can engage personalized users by autonomously generating relevant content that can be displayed in front of the right people on the right platform at the right time. Experiences can be created.

Multi-Layer Fraud Protection: An Overview:

Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention is another UCLIQ tool designed to improve traffic quality.

“The digital space, with its multiple growth potential, has given rise to many new forms of fraud. can be lost very quickly,” thinks Alex Rand.

A multi-layered fraud prevention system is the perfect blend of intelligence and speed. Power multi-layer traffic scanning by following multiple metrics at once based on complex AI algorithms and machine learning.

Besides, the longer the tool runs on historical and real-time data, the more accurate affiliate fraud detection will be. According to the developer, the accuracy he could improve by 53%.

Notable Milestones Achieved with UCLIQ:

Since its introduction to the open market, UCLIQ has detected numerous cases of malicious activity and improved traffic quality with its smart technology and AI analytics.

One of UCLIQ’s longest-serving customers, Trafee Machine (CPA Affiliate Network), works with over 50,000 publishers, processing millions of impressions per day while managing advanced fraud. Improved ROI by more than 30% by adopting prevention and smart traffic distribution tools.

Additionally, UCLIQ noted that with AI-powered tools, Trafee achieved 100% improvement in specific verticals and an average of 42% improvement in EPM.

About UCLIQ:

UCLIQ is a new age performance marketing platform designed to help CPA networks, startups and media buyers intelligently run their affiliate businesses. Thanks to AI-driven traffic delivery, 3 layers of fraud prevention, and Smartlinks that do the job the right way. .

With a clear goal of enabling everyone to improve business outcomes, UCLIQ always does its best to provide tailored solutions to understand what works best.

To learn more about UCLIQ solutions and pricing, or request a personal demo, visit

UCLIQ can also be found on several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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