~ Books titled ‘Living in Harmony with the Sun’ and ‘Entrepreneur with Inner Fire’ have been launched in Nashik~

Mumbai, India, October 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A renowned entrepreneur and cloud expert, a respected and trusted figure in the cloud industry and the city of Nashik, Mr Piyush Somani Published two of his books sharing his entrepreneurial and health transformation journey. Debut as a writer with a book titled “”live in harmony with the sun When ‘entrepreneur with inner fire Launched in Nashik. Piyush is Chairman and Managing Director of ESDS Software Solutions Ltd., a cloud computing and data center services company.

Piyush Somani At the young age of 23, he laid the foundation for ESDS with the aim of building an organization that empowers, respects and nurtures its employees. Piyush, who hails from a middle-class family in the small town of Nashik, Maharashtra, writes in his book,entrepreneur with inner fire shared his stories of real-life experiences, achievements, setbacks, emotional rollercoasters, and everything in between as a passage of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs.live in harmony with the sun Piyush shared his journey to a healthy mind and healthy body. A simple man, he believes in discipline and follows it perfectly. This change helped him connect better with nature and understand how the sun can help us live healthier lives and how much we can learn from it. .

to liven up this event Yuvraj Sambhajiraje Chhatrapati – former member raja sabahshuri Swami Srikanthanad – President Sri Ramakrishna Arogya Sanstern, Narendra Gorya – CMD Rishabh Instruments, Sudhir Muthalik – Dr. President, North Maharashtra Zone, CII and CMD, Positive Metering Pumps Jayan Chopard attended and shared their words of wisdom.In addition, we will enliven the one and only event Krishnamachari Srikant, former Indian cricketer and dear friend Piyush Somani I conveyed my congratulations in a video message.cricket player friend Srikant “Piyush has been a good friend of mine for many years. He is a simple person and very helpful with his simple attitude towards life. Both Piyush and Komal Somani Good person. Piyush records his real life experiences in these books. These books will be very helpful for any young professional who wants to start his own business and make it big in his life. I am confident that the book Entrepreneur with a Fire Within will inspire and motivate many young people. We wish Piyush and Komal all the best for this launch. “

On the eve of this wonderful event, Mr Piyush Somani He shared his happiness, saying, “The journey of writing these books has been very special. I encourage everyone, young entrepreneurs and professionals alike, to take the time to read these books to understand, learn, and hopefully acquire knowledge that will help them in their lives. The world is changing in the blink of an eye.In order to have healthy eyes and a happy life, we must first have a healthy mind.”

About ESDS

ESDS software Indian A leading cloud services and end-to-end multi-cloud requirements provider with a presence across the APAC region. Europe, middle eastthe Americas, and AfricaIt offers cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and managed services. The company operates under an asset-light model and offers products across diverse industries including government ministries and corporations across sectors such as BFSI, manufacturing, IT and ITES, telecommunications, real estate, pharmaceuticals, retail and education. I’m here. in some countries in the APAC region Europe, middle east, Americas, Africa. The company operates its business through his three data centers in the country. Indiawith one each in Navi Mumbai, Nashik and Bangalore, covering over 50,000 square feet. ESDS is an innovation-driven company and one of the few data center and cloud service his providers with its own R&D team of 177 team members. The team has independently developed several products to complement data center and cloud business, such as eNlight Cloud, eMagic, eCos, eNlightWAF, eNlight IoT, eNlightDRM, eNlight Meet, and eNlight SIEM. The company is committed to innovation and focuses on creating more niche and cost-effective technology products and solutions. ESDS Software is the market leader in hosting government cloud applications and has the largest number of bank customers. IndiaFor more information, please visit www.esds.co.in.

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