Is TikTok part of your holiday marketing plan?

This helps – today TikTok launched a new 17-page holiday marketing guide. This guide provides an overview of key engagement statistics for seasonal events, insight into when key engagement points occur within each relevant period, a planning checklist, and a TikTok walkthrough. Various advertising options and more.

You can download the full TikTok holiday guide for 2022 here, but we’ll go through some of the highlights in this post.

First, TikTok provides insight into user engagement trends for the New Year holidays and how they are planning their celebrations.

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

As you can see, TikTok’s data shows that there are significant opportunities to reach people before and after major holiday events and activities, which can be an important consideration in your approach.

TikTok also includes a list of important dates to keep in mind.

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

Campaign planning notes:

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

We also provide an overview of the various advertising options on TikTok and how to get the most out of each.

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

As to how and when you should use each in your process:

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

There are also various notes on key planning tips and approaches and an overview of key ad optimization tips.

TikTok Holiday Marketing Guide 2022

TikTok also includes guidance on how to use the holiday template. This can be another way to align your campaign with the main theme.

This is a useful overview to help you think about how to approach your TikTok marketing efforts and optimize for each specific event.

Either way it’s worth a look – you can download TikTok’s complete 2022 holiday guide here.

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