LONDON, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Our societies are facing difficult economic times and the impact will be felt by everyone, consumers and business owners alike. In times like these, we need to do everything in our power to give our business an edge and give our customers, not the competition, a reason to come to us. It’s still a safe bet among , and it’s actually a very smart move. Therefore, if you want to increase your overall traffic while improving the quality of your website, a content marketing strategy focused on SEO is the best choice. But it may not be as easy as you think!

Brains Digital Marketing outlines 7 of the biggest SEO content marketing mistakes companies make in a blog titled 7 Classic Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. His seven biggest mistakes in this space include failing to properly target the right audience for his business, overlooking his SEO in his content strategy, and relying on link building, among others. not included. See the full list on our blog and learn more about all these mistakes.

Samantha Lyon, Senior Digital PR & Content Marketing Account Strategist at The Brains, describes the ultimate SEO content marketing sin:

“There is a pervasive myth when it comes to content marketing that consistency is the only thing that matters. Yes, I recommend updating your blog regularly. Because you can rank for keywords that are worthwhile.But that’s not all.It’s a full-time job.You need to know what keywords you’re trying to rank for on each blog, and where to put those keywords. You also need to know: You need to know how to create SEO-friendly content: You need to keep in mind metadata, internal and external links, and image optimization You need a compelling call to action But more than that, many companies miss out on content marketing opportunities by not optimizing their onsite copy, knowledge base, or social channels on a regular basis—and constantly relying on solid data in the process. It’s essential to relate to: what content is working well and how can it be improved? is.”

Samantha Lyonne, The Brains

About Brain:

The Brains is London’s leading digital marketing and SEO agency, focused on strategies that deliver unmatched ROI and long-term business success. The Brains offers PPC, SEO, content marketing, lead generation services and more. If you need help with content marketing, contact The Brains today.


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