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Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey (right) modifies his plea for charges related to campaign financing.

More than a year after being indicted for campaign finance violations, Tennessee Senator Brian Kelsey is changing his plea. Prosecutors say the Republican lawmaker moved hundreds of thousands of dollars from his state’s campaign toward a failed congressional candidacy in 2016.

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Kelsey initially pleaded not guilty, but he plans to overturn that decision, according to a motion filed in federal court on Thursday.

This comes a week after Kelsey’s co-defendants changed their plea.

Josh Smith, who owns the Standard Club in downtown Nashville, pleaded guilty to funneling $67,000 from Kelsey’s state campaign committee into a national political organization. Smith has pleaded not guilty to five of his other charges related to Kelsey’s campaign.

Kelsey is not seeking re-election this year. His term ends next month after his Nov. 8 election.

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