Last year’s small business section was so well received that we’ve doubled our capacity this year. Enjoy these thoughtful gifts while shedding light on your little boys.

Leatherology Cress Mini

timeless. beautiful. Uplifting. Leatherology combines superior quality with affordability to create luxurious leather bags and accessories for men and women. Did you notice this little company’s logo all over town? It’s because the space other companies use to advertise their products is reserved for you! Debossed, hand painted, or quilted trapunto Used to add personalization in .

Hari Mari

In a vain search for something durable, unique, and without a painful break-in period, the Hari Mali people did what anyone with an unhealthy obsession with flip-flops would do. They designed and built their own. This small business successfully blends color and comfort with the best construction and materials to set a new standard in footwear and apparel.Hari Mari is a proud partner in the fight against childhood cancer, We donate 1% of our sales to cover medical and treatment costs for children and families in need.


Favorite Frame – Folded! Foldies are foldable sunglasses that combine form and function. When folded, they are small enough to fit easily in your pocket, but when worn they look like traditional sunglasses. Polarization, UV protection, soft ear grips – no detail you can’t miss. Choose from a full range of styles and finishes, from matte to gloss.

Chappie Wrap

Make room for the top of your “comfort essentials” list. With a range of colors to suit all seasons, ChappyWrap blankets are a must-have. Incredibly warm yet lightweight. The perfect blanket to take with you to apple picking, beach sunsets, bonfire gatherings, and more. It’s machine washable, resistant to pilling and shrinkage, and ready for your adventures. These heirloom quality blankets are made to last a lifetime.

soap hope

It will be the reason for the ripple effect to start. When you choose to purchase Soap Hope products, your shopping cart shows how many hours of hope you can create for people with disabilities. 100% of the proceeds from the purchase will be used to support organizations that provide education, vocational training and employment for persons with disabilities. Best place? Their soaps and cleansers are affordable and all natural.

Love Volve Blanket

The Lovevolve Love Swaddles Mission is to wrap every baby in a LOVE swaddle blanket from the moment they are born and, through our partnership with the One Love Foundation, provide new parents and families with critical relationship resources. This swaddle is perfect for privacy while breastfeeding, as a stroller blanket, or for tummy time.

Painted Turtle Peg Dolls

From Harry Potter to Disney princesses (and villains too), we’ve fallen in love with these handcrafted peg dolls. Artists can also create a custom piece based on a photo of inspiration.

my buddy towel

This onesie is most fun for your little one to dry. The towel part can be zipped up and worn, and it comes in three colors and a wide range of sizes. Why is it perfect for kids? That’s because the mother of six turned her idea into an award-winning invention in less than a year. It’s one mom’s product!

sprout world plantable pencil

Yes you read that right. Sprout pencils can be planted after use and will grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables and even spruce trees. . A journey towards zero waste living and considering the complete life cycle of what we use, this revolutionary idea has had a huge impact and in 80 countries he has sold over 40 million pencils. are on sale.

Wallaroo packable hat

You may have a hat, but not this one! Wallaroo hats are packable and perfect for travel. As each springs back to its intended shape, they provide at least 30+ UPF protection, protecting against 96-97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Lizzie Lou’s Fine Treats

Too beautiful to eat! Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats candy bars come in a rainbow of flavors, from butter her almond and sunburst her lemon to s’mores and strawberry her cheesecake. Set some up this holiday season, or choose from candy apples and cakes instead.

dream build board

That family recipe is now timeless. Dream Built Boards laser engrave handwritten recipes onto cutting boards and even include a photo of the creator. Grandma’s cookies (or calzones in my case) are preserved for future generations. Don’t worry if your original copy is old and worn out. The craftsman behind the magic makes it look good enough to eat.

finger spill

Forget the mess of spills and drips. This ultra-premium soft tray keeps your polish organized and provides a work surface. Base coat, top coat and more – Holds 6 polishes, each packaged with nail art supplies, pretty emery boards, toe separators and nail decals. It makes the perfect gift for any sophisticated woman on your list.

fire station coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee is a veteran-owned business certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) and is dedicated to providing great coffee to people around the world. Their coffee is freshly roasted in Rockford, Illinois by a dedicated team of firefighters, first responders and coffee experts. Fire Dept. Coffee not only offers an ever-growing range of great beverages, but through the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation, helps those who have been mentally or physically injured at work, or who are facing other problems. By giving back, we support fellow first responders in need. serious health problems.

poke a dot organizer

If necessity is the mother of invention, the organizers of Poké-A-Dot are responsible for Jane Lee’s travel schedule. It can be customized to store makeup, lotion and more. No need to dig. Everything is provided. Additionally, Poke A Dot doubles as a washable surface. The locking lid is perfect for travel.

Hoppy’s BBQ

These sauces and rubs are all natural, made from scratch, and made with a lot of love. A thin, sweet and smoky signature sauce with heat is created.The ground sesame seeds and seasoning are all natural, so you can enjoy the same great taste that originated in the backyard of owners Paul and Melissa Hopkins. I can.

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