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Whole country — Kristy Jackson Muhammad’s Global Power Tour at The Post Oak Hotel in Uptown Houston from Nov. 2 to Nov. 6, 2022 Leadership to Advance Black Women in Business・A collection of workshops and entrepreneur networking events. The Day Event Series is available for purchase at

A White House-certified entrepreneur known for being one of the few black women to own a cargo truck, Christie has hosted her powerful events at the only Texas Forbes Five-Star Hotel and Houston’s only AAA Five Diamond destination. It will be held. Global Power Tour-Houston 2022 conference attendees embark on a uniquely sophisticated and luxurious experience for Black’s excellence.

“This is an ideal time to recognize the untapped potential of black women. Current changes in workplace dynamics are being seen, heard and respected by minority women in entrepreneurship and business. It provides an opportunity to create space,” said Jackson-Muhammad. “Black women have always faced barriers to progress: double standards, lack of advocacy, and unconscious bias. The Tour is committed to doing its part by highlighting the achievements of diverse, smart and ambitious women.”

The Global Power Tour-Houston is designed to spotlight the importance of instilling purpose, passion and character in women of color as business leaders. The 2022 conference will feature a range of dynamic guest speakers, including:

Dr. Lauren Joseph – Vice President and COO of Visionary Vanguard Group, Inc. An independent research, evaluation, education, and technical assistance organization that helps organizations close disparities and achieve equitable results for the communities they serve.

• Anita Russell – Founder of Noire Escapes, an award-winning travel agency dedicated to improving the escape experience for domestic and international groups.

• Sheila Michelle Fore – CEO of Precis Screening helps medical professionals start, maintain and expand drug testing centers and labs.

• Anna N’Jie-Konte – Certified Financial Planner®; Founder of Dare to Dream Financial Planning and teaches entrepreneurs financial management, including how to build a financially viable business, pay for themselves and their employees, and save on taxes. is an institution that provides

• Dr. Kiyonna White – Founder of Luxe Beauty Academy, helping aspiring beauty entrepreneurs transform their financial outlook and improve cash flow by starting profitable beauty and beauty businesses with or without medical training helps.

• Andrea Mosley – Mental Wealth Strategist; Founder of Beautiful Soul®, helping high-performing women who have forgotten who they are to reconnect with their geniuses and live more fulfilling lives. This program is ideal for women who cannot identify the missing link in their lives to feeling and finding joy.

• Dr. Seeka Square – Life and Business Coach, Prolific Speaker, Executive Consultant

• Christine Joseph – Community Manager of Black Ambition. Founded by Pharrell Williams, the program funds bold ideas and companies led by Black and Latino entrepreneurs.

• Terry Black – Life & Wealth Coach; Founder of The Wealth Sharer, helping women in their efforts to transform their income into wealth by removing the mental and financial limitations that hold them back.

“How to Build Female-Led Black Entrepreneurship provides training on key topics such as financial literacy and cash flow management, technology, business law, investment, procurement, and customer relationship management to help businesses grow and It’s about expanding,” Jackson said. – Muhammad. “As an entrepreneur, I continue to brainstorm ideas that break the mold. Global Power Tour is dedicated to doing the work needed to increase the pipeline of black women in business.”

A typical itinerary for the Global Power Tour – Houston 2022 includes:

Wednesday, November 2nd – Super VIP arrival and networking
Thursday, November 3rd – Ultra VIP Private Group Coaching Sessions
Friday, November 4th – Super VIP & VIP All White Night
Saturday, November 5th – Meeting day for all ticket holders
Sunday, November 6th – Farewell Blush Brunch for Ultra VIP and VIP attendees

To learn more about the Global Power Tour-Houston, buy tickets or become a vendor, visit

The Global Power Tour and its flagship Houston Event Series are business conferences for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was launched by White House recognized entrepreneur Christy Jackson Muhammad (MBA). She is an innovator, publisher, global business strategist and founder of the Women CEO Project.

Follow the Women CEO Project brand on Instagram and Facebook: @womenceoproject; Twitter: @womenceo; YouTube: Women CEO Project.

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