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It’s an upsetting thought.

Key Point

  • Inflation has forced consumers to give up many things.
  • For some people, Thanksgiving dinner may end at the cutting board this November.
  • There are ways to save money on holidays, such as having a potluck dinner or skipping alcohol.

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving.

In a recent Personal Capital survey, 25% of Americans said they plan to skip Thanksgiving dinner this year to save money. But actually, there are ways to participate in a fun Thanksgiving meal while saving a lot of money.

Don’t let inflation cancel Thanksgiving

Inflation is the big reason consumers are rethinking Thanksgiving this year. Since the second half of 2021, consumers have been forced to spend on everything from food to utilities to apparel, leaving many with depleted savings and heavy credit card debt. If you’re in that boat, it’s easy to see why you’re willing to give up on Thanksgiving this year and save money on a massive meal.

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But if gatherings with friends and family are important to you, it might be worth altering it so that you can host Thanksgiving dinner for a fraction of the cost. And if your friend or loved one is unfamiliar with it and resists accordingly, offer them the option to host instead. I will politely apply to come.

You can save a lot of money by having your guests serve the food. If there are leftovers, we can all agree to split them evenly.

Another good way to pull off a much cheaper Thanksgiving? Don’t serve alcohol. Normally, if he buys 6 bottles of wine for about $12 a glass, that would be $72. If your guests really want alcohol, have them bring their own. It’s certainly a reasonable compromise.

Finally, consider keeping your appetizers and desserts light. When it comes to Thanksgiving, dinner is generally the main event. You can serve apple pie or pumpkin pie later, but you don’t have to list seven different desserts. At that point, you and your guests will probably be full and only want one piece of sweet.

worth pivoting

If you’re frustrated by the fact that the cost of living has gotten so high, it’s easy to see why we tend to skip Thanksgiving this year. Think of different ways to make it work well.

Thanksgiving isn’t just about food. to be together. And even if money is so tight that all you can swing is a small turkey and a few sides, it’s better to have some fun with someone you care about than skip the holidays altogether.

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