mountain view, california, October 26, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — treasure dataThe award-winning Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) today announced the launch of Amazon Marketing Cloud, a clean room solution powered by Amazon Ads, to help advertisers better understand audience segments, ad performance, and streamline insight generation. announced the integration of Treasure Data is the first CDP vendor to integrate with Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Marketers are increasingly using CDPs to maintain their CRM information.At the same time, it Estimate 80% of advertisers with media budgets of billion dollars More companies plan to have clean rooms by 2023. To help advertisers capture more value from their clean room experience, this seamless integration between Treasure Data’s CDP and Amazon Marketing His Cloud will allow businesses to optimize their marketing, advertising, and campaign investments. .

“As a pioneer in the CDP industry, Treasure Data is honored to be the first customer data platform to complete this unique integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud. John Baudino, Vice President of Partnerships at Treasure Data. This integration allows customers to use this global, privacy-conscious solution to increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns. “

Treasure Data customers using Amazon Ads for their campaigns can easily send curated audiences to Amazon Marketing Cloud for enriched, aggregated insights into audience in-market groups, lifestyle cohorts, brand engagement patterns, and more. , you can now get anonymized insights. The enriched segments derived from Amazon Marketing Cloud insights can then be used to fine-tune the advertiser’s audience strategy for his Amazon DSP campaigns. The Audience Insights returned are aggregated and anonymized.

Capabilities enabled by the integration will be made available to customers through the Treasure Data Marketplace.

About treasure data

Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud helps companies use all their customer data to improve campaign performance, increase operational efficiency, and drive business value with connected customer experiences. Our customer data platform solution suite unifies customer data, connects identities with a unified customer profile, enforces privacy, and makes insights and predictions available to marketing, service, sales, and operations to Drive personalized engagement to improve customer acquisition, sales and retention.

Trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, Treasure Data has received numerous awards and been named a strong performer and leader by top analyst firms.Head office location mountain view, californiawhere Treasure Data is based Japan, Korea, England When France We help the world’s leading brands make connections. For more information, please visit the following URL:

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