With nearly 400 students arriving early on the Biscayne Bay campus, what might have seemed like a new sneaker release or a new nightclub opening. FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management’s Most Popular Course — The David Glatman Experience: The first day of the class, taught by renowned Miami restaurateur and nightlife entrepreneur David Glatman.

The excitement started when students checked in and received swag bags full of merchandise and exclusive goodies, including branded class shirts made by renowned streetwear designer Warren Lotas.

All students received a “swag bag” full of exclusive goodies.

Once inside, dim lighting, music and hype videos set the mood, followed by a warm and very enthusiastic welcome from FIU Hospitality Dean Michael Cheng.

Once on stage, Grutman shared his class goals. It is about ‘inspiring’ students to get involved in the hospitality business, ‘driving’ their entrepreneurial spirit and allowing them to ‘apply’ the tools to whatever they choose.

He then shared his own journey. Grutman started his hospitality career as a bartender at a restaurant in Aventura Mall. While climbing the ladder, he said one of the most important lessons he learned in business was the importance of building a network.

“The way to keep the network growing is to connect people and take a step back,” says Grutman.

Many questions were asked to Professor Dave Grutman.

Grutman is the owner of Groot Hospitality, which owns restaurants Komodo, Papi Steak, Swan, The Key Club and Gekk.and strawberry moon. His business also includes the nightclub LIV at Fontainebleau and his Story. Good Time Hotel in South Beach. LIV has been around for 14 years before him, which Grutman said was the “year of the dog” for the nightlife business. His Hospitality His group is worth millions of dollars and continues to grow. He shared with the students his next venture, which includes a resort and plans to become the first hospitality group to have a restaurant in outer space.

This is my third time teaching a course with FIU Hospitality. The last time was in March 2021, when classes had to socially distance due to the pandemic, and now the enrollment is triple his.

What is his secret to success? He credits the team he brings to his class. The entire group, from executive head his chef to legendary club promoter Purple his Miami, stood up and said hello.

Another secret for him to live his dream? “I love what I do. I wake up in the morning, I go to bed thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow, and I wake up in the morning feeling excited. Again, I love what I do. , you have to love what you do,” Glatman said.

For about an hour and a half, Grutman talked with the students and conducted a Q&A (question and answer) session. Then he made a surprise announcement, welcoming his friend and Grammy Award-winning artist DJ Khaled to the stage.

DJ Khaled told his students he remembers when he first started and offered the following advice. you work hard I am living proof. ”

After both Grutman and DJ Khaled talked about family and life’s ups and downs, another surprise guest took the stage. Former Bad Boys is Moses Barrow, aka Shyne, his ’90s rapper and current prime ministerial candidate for Belize.

The students cheered and cheered with excitement throughout the night, taking pictures and videos. The room’s sentiments spilled out on social media with posts like, Tonight was iconic! ” said @gemarinok. @komi.lya said.

After 3 hours and hundreds of reposts, the class consensus seems to be ‘Looking forward to the next class’ – said @moroojhamed.

David Grutman (l), Shyne (m) and DJ Khaled (r) speak to FIU students.

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