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Really bring Petes back to town

When Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Wellesley Square closed in March 2021 to make way for another bank, regulars and other residents mourned the loss. It was particularly frustrating when I later learned that popular ice cream and frozen yoga art shop Truly’s had a design in the space and planned to make Peet’s products available, but it didn’t work out. .

A year and a half later, Truly’s revealed that it would eventually return Peet’s products to Wellesley as part of its expansion into the 39 Grove St. space next to its current 35 Grove St. shop. According to owner Steve Marcus, Truly’s plans to open his new shop in February.

“Truly’s will offer a complete line of hot and cold beverages by Peet’s, as well as an expanding line of homemade hot cider and hot chocolate concoctions, baked goods and ice cream products (approximately 35 daily).” says Marcus. .

Peet’s Senior Director of Marketing Mary Dusenbury said in a statement:

Marcus said Truly’s will change its hours to accommodate people looking for early-morning Peet’s and other offerings. “We try to catch people’s first cup,” he says, noting that hours of operation should take into account the residents who live above.

Truly’s works with local bakeries to bring unique treats to the store when it opens next door. he says.

Another big change for Truly’s is the availability of indoor and outdoor seating year-round, says Marcus.

Truly’s expanded outdoor seating this year with parklets in front of future store locations. his 1 hour and 13 minute mark in the Wellesley Media record).

A parklet surrounded by planters, in front of what would become Truly’s new location next to its current store

Truly’s also continues its efforts to better manage waste, investing in solar-powered trash and recycling compactors.

The new Truly has about 1,000 square feet of space compared to the 750 square feet of the existing store, with the big difference being how the property is designed so that Truly can actually use most of the space for its customers. is to be Existing stores will be used as more production centers and possibly catering.

Hopefully by the time the new store opens, some of the supply chain issues that plague all restaurants will be alleviated. More work is needed to do that. “There are a few things you can’t do without: cups, lids, spoons, straws…” says Marcus, who put in a plug of cones over cups for environmental advantage.

One thing Truly’s doesn’t lack is that local students want to work there. This is a tradition carried on by his Marcus and his son Jeffrey, who run Truly’s. “We are all having a blast and continue to believe that the community still recognizes and supports locally owned (one location) businesses,” says Marcus.


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Visit an artist’s studio in Wellesley

There’s something exciting about the jewelry artist’s home studio in Wellesley’s Poets Corner. Alfred Tennyson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Ralph Waldo Emerson had streets named after them in the area and produced many essays and poems centered on nature.

Susan Ohrn Jewelry, Wellesley
Susan Orne sits at a work table in Poet’s Corner design studio.

Susan Orne doesn’t compare herself to her neighborhood namesake, but her inspiration draws from nature, too. “My latest collection, Flora Nordica, was inspired by a trip to Sweden. It goes back and forth frequently,” she said.

On her last trip to the Scandinavian country, Susan was struck by the wildflowers that bloomed during her visit and the folk crafts featuring flowers. On a jeweler’s bench with sunlight streaming in from her three windows that surround a heated side porch studio, Susan shapes silver and gold into delicate yet bold floral designs.

Susan Ohrn Jewelry, Wellesley
Susan Ohrn jewelry, starflower pendant in sterling silver.

“To create each piece, I start from scratch on the computer,” she says. Jewelry Design Using her software, Susan first drafts her pieces in digital form and then uses tools to work her sterling silver and her 18k gold. Her goal is to create sculptural works that celebrate her Scandinavian ancestry with graceful sparseness and clean lines.

As an executive and designer for Tiffany & Co., DeBeers Jewelry, and Swarovski, Susan learned the art of creating beautiful, designer-quality pieces. Her designs are available online at her Susan Ohrn Jewelry.

Hmmm Papa Lazzi

I really enjoyed my recent Friday lunch at Papa Razzi in Wellesley Lower Falls (16 Washington Street). The restaurant was lively, with patrons enjoying their meals at the tables and bar, but it wasn’t too crowded to be seated immediately.

We ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fresh Mozzarella and Arugula Pesto on Ciabatta, Classic Chicken Soup, Broccoli Rabe, Fennel Sausage, Garlic, Chili Flakes, and Orecchiette with Pecorino Cheese. It all hit the spot, plus the manager turned around to lure us in with the next menu item that sounded absolutely fall.

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