~ MM Murgappan of Murugappa Group received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the awards night attended by more than 550 delegates ~

A grand celebration of the Entrepreneurial Awards, TiECON Chennai 2022 was a prestigious mega-entrepreneurial event, recognizing winners in various categories for their contributions to society and their professional achievements. Attended by more than 550 delegates from across the country, including successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, emerging startups, academics and aspiring entrepreneurs, the event was attended by Mr. BJ Arun, Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Directors. and Murali Bukapatnam, Vice Chairman of TiE, attended. Global Board of Directors as chief guest.

Centered around the theme of Resilience Unlimited, the conference highlighted the transformation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem brought about by the pandemic and its aftermath. The occasion was graced by truly prominent figures in Chennai’s business and entrepreneurial circles, including established business pioneers, popular first-generation entrepreneurs, aspiring start-ups and C-level executives. was the leader. We provide opportunities to interact and network with the enterprising and related communities, including venture capitalists, angel investors, regulators and bankers. TiE Chennai’s efforts were highly praised by participants as a unique and exclusive platform.

The TiECON Chennai 2022 Awards winners are:

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award – Mr. MM Murgappan, Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) Murgappa Group Chairman, He was recognized for his contributions as a visionary leader across the industry, in addition to his multifaceted experience providing insight into various aspects of managing, growing, scaling up, and governance of large enterprises.
  2. Entrepreneur of the Year Awards – Gautam Saraiogi, Go Colors, For his exceptional business acumen and valuable contributions to the garment industry.
  3. Startups of the Year – Madhumisa, Indus Valley
  4. Most Resilient Startups of the Year – Hari Ganapathy, PickYourTrail
  5. Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award-Padmini Janaki, Mind & Mom
  6. DeepTech Enabler of the year-Dr. Satya Chakravarthy

As a comment, CK Ranganathan, President, TiE Chennai Said, “I am very pleased and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners of this year’s TiECON Chennai event. , is optimistic that it will continue to be a key forum for guiding them on their entrepreneurial journey of success.As quality players from Tamil Nadu progress to strengthen the country’s entrepreneurial community. , I am proud of the contributions they make to the industry and society at large.”

Comments on the Lifetime Achievement Award Mr. MM Murgappan, Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) Chairman of Murgappa Group said: I really appreciate TiE Chennai for giving me such a prestigious award among peers and industry veterans. Over the years, my employees and I will always try to create a robust service system that adds value to the industry as a whole and also helps us expand our society through integrity, responsibility, passion, respect and quality. We are delighted that all our efforts have been recognized with this award. We are working hard to keep this momentum going.

About TiECON Chennai 2022

TiECON Chennai 2022 is one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs in India and the largest entrepreneurial conclave in South India. Over the last few years, delegate attendance has steadily increased. Through a selection of topics, speakers and an interesting format, the two-day event offers a global perspective in the context of India, making it a must-see conference for all entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

About TiE Chennai

TiE is a non-profit organization based in Santa Clara, California, USA. It currently has 61 chapters in 17 countries with 13,000 members and he has over 2,500 charter members. TiE Chennai is a vibrant chapter with 165 charter members and over 600 of his associate members. Focusing on the development of entrepreneurship, the chapter runs many events throughout the year. TiE Chennai won the 2014 “Best Chapter Award” among 61 chapters from 17 countries around the world.For more information please log on to


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