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These items aren’t even worth the $1.25 you spend.

Key Point

  • Dollar Tree has a lot of great items to buy, but some aren’t worth $1.25.
  • You’d be better off buying your water bottle and small kitchen tools elsewhere.

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores because the prices are unbeatable. And there are a surprising number of really great products, including ones you won’t always find for $1 or $1.25.

But while there are many items out there that are worth buying, some products aren’t even worth the money.

1. water bottle

Dollar Tree has a great selection of water bottles. Unfortunately, I bought a few of them and they all melted when I put them in the dishwasher. , you’re better off avoiding these and paying a little more for dishwasher-safe alternatives.

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2. Aluminum foil

Dollar Tree aluminum foil is another product you definitely want to have on your shelf. The rolls are so small that not only do you get very few sheets, but it is very difficult to unwrap the foil from the box. The box isn’t sturdy enough to cut through the foil sheets, and the foil itself is so thin that it tears easily when you don’t need it. It doesn’t go very well.

If you really want the foil to work, definitely pass on something like this and get a better brand elsewhere.

3. Vegetable peeler

We have purchased several kitchen gadgets from Dollar Tree and have had great experiences with many of them. is.

Unfortunately, the vegetable peelers available at Dollar Tree fall well short of our expectations of kitchen gadgets. Other Dollar Tree paraphernalia we have purchased.

Unfortunately, the vegetable peeler we purchased cannot peel vegetables, no matter how hard we try. This makes them pretty useless items and I’ll never make the mistake of buying them again at the Dollar Tree.

4. Knife

Finally, we faced the same disappointment with the Dollar Tree knife as we did with our vegetable peeler. I tried sharpening one of them to solve the problem, but instead of actually developing a blade that could be used to cut meat and vegetables, it broke. Clearly, a knife that cuts nothing is not the knife you want in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for any of these four items, you’re better off looking elsewhere than looking up credit cards at Dollar Tree and being disappointed. The bad experiences I’ve had with each of these products show why buying the cheapest isn’t the best deal in the end.

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