The founder of 365 Connect, a cutting-edge multifamily technology company, debuts a new online platform to share his insights and opinions.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2022 / Renowned entrepreneur, software designer, and philanthropist, Kerry W. Kirby, is proud to announce the launch of his new blog on the Internet, including the first two entries. Current and future subjects covered in Kelly’s web-based journal are primarily about technology, real estate investing, and community-based humanitarian causes, all topics on which he has considerable first-hand experience.

In his latest blog entry, Kelly W. Kirby shares why community volunteerism is important. Kelly provides a detailed overview of why donating time to a worthy cause is something everyone should definitely consider. In one of his notable sections, he describes how volunteers strengthen communities in many ways, writing: Volunteering is how many events and worthy causes happen in our communities, it is a catalyst for change and how we make the planet a better place to live. Volunteering not only makes our community a more enjoyable place, but it also helps create a more cohesive, safer and stronger community built on pride. increase.”

In a previous blog entry titled Kelly W. Kirby shares key benefits of owning a rental propertyKelly W. Kirby offers some valuable financial wisdom for those interested in creating new streams of income for themselves, unrelated to stock market holdings. invests in rental properties to reduce the risk and volatility of its investment portfolio.By diversifying its holdings across multiple asset classes, investors can control the impact of specific investments on their overall financial health. For example, because the stock market experiences a sudden drop, rental property values ​​should not be affected in the same way immediately,” said the founders. 365 Connectadded, “Rental properties can provide a consistent source of income, which helps offset the volatility often seen in other investment markets.”

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For those who want to read these blog entries in their entirety, they can be found here. Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about Kerry W. Kirby are invited to visit his official website.

About Kelly W. Kirby:

Kerry W. Kirby is an American entrepreneur, software designer, philanthropist, and founder and CEO of 365 Connect, an award-winning technology company serving the multifamily housing industry. Kerry has won a string of technical awards and has contributed to over 150 of her webcasts reaching over 1 million listeners. One of his main goals in his career now is to change the way people think about the convergence of technology and the rental housing market.

Kelly is a member of the Advisory Board of Rainbow, a national non-profit organization that provides well-served housing programs to affordable housing communities nationwide, and a private member of the Multifamily Innovation Advisory Board. He also chairs the technology initiative for It is the only group focused on helping owners and operators of multifamily communities by reducing the risks associated with screening new technologies and implementations. Kelly and his wife Melinda are highly respected in the philanthropic community and support several initiatives focused on education, healthcare and equality programs.

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