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It may be time to work from home (or wherever you are) and create your own stimulation package.

Key Point

  • Payment of the expanded child tax credit ended in December 2021.
  • Working remotely is one way to undo lost monthly payments.

It goes without saying that raising children in America is difficult. In addition to millions of Americans struggling to pay for childcare, America is the only developed country that does not provide basic healthcare to all of its citizens. When Republicans in Congress voted against his expanded child tax credit extension in 2021, more than three million of her children who were freed up thanks to the child tax credit fell back into poverty. rice field.

If your family has been negatively impacted by the abrupt termination of your monthly child tax credit payments, remote work may be just what you’re looking for.

Here are 30 companies our friends at FlexJobs have highlighted and the positions they are hiring. If the job you are interested in is already filled, keep looking. There must be more like it.

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remote work opportunities

1.10 up

Web design and development consulting company

  • Senior Revenue Growth Strategist
  • New Client Strategist Business Development

2. Haha

cloud-based software development

  • Customer Success Senior Manager
  • Ruby on Rails Engineer

3. Clarify

e-learning software company

  • Sales Development Manager
  • senior project manager

4. Automatic

web development

  • JavaScript engineer
  • Senior Product Designer, Mobile

5. Avigneux

Pet-centered travel agency

  • Junior Frontend Software Engineer
  • UI — UX Product Specialist

6. Big Time Studio

Multiplayer online game creator

  • junior growth analyst
  • Community Moderator Lead

7. Carereb

Connect healthcare facilities to experts in a variety of areas such as marketing, communications, graphic design, and operations

  • Associate Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Vice President of Products

8. Circle — CircleCo. Ltd.

community platform

  • social media manager
  • Customer Marketing Manager

9. Coalition technology

Website design and development, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing

  • WordPress developer
  • web development project manager

10. Commit Solutions Co., Ltd.

Network of startup engineers

11. Datastacks

computer software company

  • Production Engineer — Security

12. Doist

Productivity software development

  • Senior Backend Engineer — Python
  • Founding Engineer Electron Applications

13. Electronic

No-code hyperautomation service

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • accounts receivable specialist

14. Firetruck RED

web-based software creator

15. Gitlab

An open-source platform dedicated to coder collaboration

  • Director of Business Process Automation
  • paralegal

16. Hot Jar

conversion rate optimization company

  • legal adviser
  • Billing customer support

17. Lead Simple

A software company that offers a dedicated lead management system

  • Customer Success Associate
  • Lead Software Engineer

18. Modern Tribe

digital agency

19. Misten Lab

software company

  • Product Manager, Decentralized Financial Ecosystem
  • Partnership Manager, Arts and Culture

20. Distant Years

Community-based travel experience

21. Scrivendi

online proofreading and editing company

22. Sight Pen

Web development, JavaScript support

  • Senior JavaScript Engineer
  • Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

23. Software Factory

computer software company

  • digital marketer
  • content marketer

24. Theorem

Engineering company, software solutions

  • Senior Solution Architect
  • full cycle book keeper

25. Toggle

online time tracking tool

26. Toptal

Freelance recruitment service

  • Collaborator
  • Publication Outreach Specialist

27.VIP Kid

English learning service

28. Working Solution

virtual workforce organization

  • medical technical support personnel
  • Insurance Verifier

29. Zapia

Web application automation service

  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Director, Professional Services

30. Zone & Company

NetSuite Application Provider

  • application specialist
  • growth marketer

If you lose your extended child tax credit payment and take a toll on your bank account, remote work might help get you back on track.

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