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name: Rihanna Debellview

Trade name: DeBellevue Global Marketing Agency

Town/Region: Queen Creek/Gilbert

business hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Personal career highlights: I have podcasts in over 52 countries and am an Amazon best-selling author. On my 30th birthday, I jumped out of the perfect plane. Most recently, we were honored to be featured in the Who’s Who 2022/2023 edition. I graduated from Queen Creek’s Civic Leadership Academy in his 2022 and just started Gilbert his leadership class 31.

Professional background highlights: I am honored to be a Forbes Contributor and International Speaker. Speaking 17+ languages ​​at any given time, he serves clients in 22+ countries. In our 10+ years in business, we have won numerous awards for our corporate culture, innovative design and practices, and emerging businesses.

what i do: We help our clients reach their ideal targets online.

What I love most about doing business here: We serve clients all over the world, but we love serving the East Valley because there are so many creative people who are making a big impact on the world. I also get to know my local clients on a personal level, which adds to my professional satisfaction.

Things to see more in this area: More space for entrepreneurs to collaborate. There may be more mentoring his programs to help companies just starting new businesses to get real-world advice from experts who have been in the industry for a long time.

What I advertise: Our commitment to hiring more people locally in Arizona and our partnerships with local nonprofits allows us to give back and make a greater impact in our communities. We actively work with the community to find organizations that can use our support and commit to donating a portion of our profits each quarter.

What I’m excited about and why: We are thrilled to have reached a level of business where we can focus on philanthropy and give back in a more consistent way. I know that partnering with these organizations can make a bigger impact.

Favorite Community Causes and Reasons: House of Refuge is a hands-on organization that reaches out to homeless families. In this current situation where housing is out of reach for so many Arizonans, it’s great to see organizations providing these valuable resources.

When and why I started doing business/employment here: I started my business here in the East Valley in 2010. I moved to Colorado in 2017, but quickly found Arizona to be my home, returning in the summer of 2020.

My family: My husband and I have a blended family with 5 children aged 24-13 and a 5 year old grandson. I have two fur babies. An Aussie Doodle named Hank (Tank) and a Rottweiler named Harley.

My interests and hobbies: I enjoy traveling, concerts, live productions, and exploring new restaurants and movies.

Who inspired me (and how): I am most inspired by local business owners who genuinely celebrate and advocate for each other. People actively looking for ways to best and serve each other. These are the people you turn to when you need encouragement and celebrate with you when you reach a new goal. Celebrities and celebrities deserve respect, but what really inspires me are those who are smiling and doing hard things every day.

My guiding philosophy: Much is expected of those to whom much is given.

My advice to today’s youth: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you run into problems, work with other forward-thinking individuals to find solutions. So many people said I could never succeed in a male-dominated industry, and in less than a year, I was an international company serving some of the biggest companies in the world. Don’t let scarcity guide your decisions.

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