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It all started in the late 1990s with a seemingly impossible situation and an imaginary magic wand. Her CEO of Life in High Gear Coaching, Kristin Kenney, has navigated businesses through the pandemic, guiding clients to realize their goals and create peace and contentment.

Christine Kenny

While working in marketing early in his career, Kenney volunteered as a mentor for Trailblazers. Her mentee, Jewel Johnson, was a 12-year-old girl who grew up on the project, passed down from family to family, and lacked a stable home life. We wanted to customize a teaching plan to help Johnson reach his goals. One day, during one of her mentoring sessions, Kenny picked up a pen and said to Johnson, “Imagine this is your magic wand. What do you want to do with your life?” rice field. Johnson said her dream was to become a pastry chef and have a family of her own.Kenny worked with Johnson over the years to develop the principles of Life in High Gear coaching. Kenny’s idea for the business was born in the early 2000s and will be realized in its current form in 2020.

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And what happened to Jewel Johnson? Now 38, she is a renowned master pastry chef. A judge on the Food Network and Cooking her channel, Johnson creates her menu of pastries for major food hospitality groups and lives a joyful life with her family.

I do the work

Life in High Gear results are life-changing, but the process is not magic. “This is not therapy,” emphasizes Kenny. Life in High Gear uses negotiation and observational skills drawn from Jungian psychology. Kenny has developed a specific set of best practices for work and personal relationships. She is trained in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and Negotiation Methods and the Gottman Institute’s Practices for Long-Term Personal and Romantic Partnerships.

Kenny’s method relies on what she calls “self-authoring,” boundaries, time management, goal setting, and negotiation. All of these are essential to individual realization and enterprise progress.Kenney has successfully completed Life in High Gear training at institutions such as investment banking, medical practice, her AI and data solutions firm, and her School of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton. I have done it behind the scenes.

In his one-on-one coaching and group courses, Kenny works with highly successful and motivated individuals who are on the cusp of a bigger life. A professional ‘fixer’, Kenny uses her skills of strategy, observation and practicality to enhance her clients’ innate resilience. “All clients leave money on the table,” says Kenney. “My clients are all over the top, but each lacks in one or more areas. Some have business or relationship difficulties. It’s been successful by satisfying the “one” that is, cleaning up. Break out of old habits, start a new business or expand the dormant territory of an existing business, increase generational wealth and create personal peace and contentment. ”

Three Pillars of Success

Life in High Gear coaching began a week before the pandemic hit. Kenny attributes his business’s resounding success during this uncertain time to its relevance to today’s lifestyle and the organizational and personal challenges of this decade. Both his three pillars of business—public speaking/corporate training, one-on-one coaching, and group coursework—are for aspiring and successful individuals who are about to kick off their personal and professional lives. Challenge and meet your needs.

Businesses and institutions benefit from Life in High Gear’s expertise. We regularly invite Kenney to talk about her methods and encourage personal responsibility. “In a post-pandemic world, employees are no longer comfortable working in a less stimulating environment,” she explains Kenney. “They are eager to do meaningful work and enjoy regular opportunities to broaden their horizons. Life in High Gear is ideal for this kind of professional and personal development. It relies on universal principles that, when applied individually, lead to measurable and incredible success.Not only does it improve employee satisfaction, but it also contributes to the productivity and success of the company. It also improves performance, which is why companies love it.”

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Based on three pillars: Public Speaking/Corporate Training, One-to-One Coaching, and Group Coursework, Kenny is now expanding Life in High Gear with a foray into publishing. Her first book is currently in progress. “There is a huge demand to push this method beyond its limits,” she explains Kenney. “Everyone wants a wand, and everyone should have one. But I tell people that the magic of a wand pales in comparison to what is in each of us.” I want you to understand that the strength of Life in High Gear lies in teaching and guiding clients to harness its unique power to unleash its own magic.”

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