Cynicism is so easy, so predictable, and honestly so lazy. It takes very little effort to point out how something wasn’t done the way it should have been done, or how someone said something they shouldn’t have said. Social media is littered with people criticizing things they don’t like, disagree with, or are genuinely offended by. I’ll do it myself It is easy to fall into a negative spiral. Even when we are righteous, speak truth to atrocious acts, and condemn those that hurt our communities, we still do so in a negative way. Please tell me why not.” It obviously weighs us down.

So this week I want to cover some of the things that excite me. Some might argue that there are as many good things happening in the world as there are bad things, but negative things suck the oxygen out of the room. Let us shed a little light on some positive projects, events and activities currently happening in the Bath-Brunswick-Topsham area. To do. Because this is all really positive.

Willpower is back

Our Chamber of Commerce is ready to resume quarterly events in 2023, so we have women on our regional leadership team who held our first quarterly event in over a year last night. The event, held at Long Reach Kitchen + Catering in Bath, was a brainstorming her mixer. Dozens of local businesses and his leaders weighed in on what kind of event they would like to host in 2023.

This is exciting because before the pandemic, when WILL Power was hosting quarterly events, it was one of the best things our Chamber of Commerce did. Meet the Author Events, CEO Champion Panel Luncheons, Speed ​​Networking Nights, Self Defense Courses and more. Each event was born from the voices of local businesswomen saying, “I definitely want to participate.”

As a result of last night, we now have between 6 and 10 ideas from which our organizational team will select four events for next year. If you are interested in becoming part of the event planning team or attending one of these events, please email us. [email protected] And you can be sure your email gets to the correct distribution list of those you want to join.

meet the candidates

That’s it, five weeks until Election Day. Do you know a candidate for your state’s Senate or House of Representatives? The 2020 Census results have changed some of our districts on the house side, so the person who was representing you is now in another district. There may be

Our Chamber of Commerce would love to help you with all of this. Two years ago we did her one-on-one Zoom interview with the candidate. A lot of interviews (18-20), but it’s worth it because you get to hear them in their own words. I’ll let you know in this column when the schedule and records are ready. Hopefully, it will be completed by October 20th.

Additionally, there will be a Chamber After Hours event with ribbon cutting and open house on October 18th from 5-7pm at Reform Physical Therapy. We are inviting all candidates, so if you are a business person in the area and would like to attend the free event, please mark your calendar and follow us on the BBRC Facebook page (or our weekly e-newsletter). Look for our invitation. .

Career Exploration Internship starting soon

We did a lot of work behind the scenes with schools and local community organizations applying for Maine grants (which we received) and building a career-seeking internship program for local students. I came. It takes a lot of smart, passionate people working together to create something this wide, including three school districts, state regulations, grant-specific funding, and business protocols. now.

Through our weekly meetings, we answered many questions about how best to create this program, and answered them in a way that was meaningful and practical for both companies and students in the program. is a credit-giving, internship-style, vocational study program that allows students to spend 40-60 hours exploring a career path that interests them while earning a scholarship for meaningful, paid work. very exciting stuff. A great way for companies to show career paths to students with the help of schools and chambers of commerce.

Chamber Works programming details

While we spend most of our time on career exploration programs, our Chamber of Commerce is working in tandem to launch a one-minute job posting video program and a guidance counselor bus tour program later this year. is. This is all part of the Chamber’s new Chamber Works 2030 program announced earlier this year.

Registration for the Midcoast Tree Festival is now open

We’re only seven weeks away from the 4th Annual Midcoast Tree Festival, and it looks like it’s going to be the biggest event yet. Plans are well underway and we are more than half way to breaking the record for number of treespaces.

The most significant change this year is that all event information, including tree registration, volunteer sign-ups, sponsorship opportunities, and more, will now be posted on our dedicated event website, Of course, if you have any questions, you can call the Chamber of Commerce at 725-8797, but check out their site too.

Corey King is Executive Director of the Bath-Brunswick Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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