A beloved entrepreneur, Vincent Sheffield has an incredible ability to connect people and build powerful relationships with individuals and institutions to improve the quality of life for thousands of Detroiters and citizens across the country. had the ability.

Sheffield, better known as ‘Sug’, passed away recently, but he left a lasting mark in the lives of those he met, often leaving a legacy for future generations.

An affable visionary born in Detroit, Michigan, he was a leader in business and economic development in the communities of Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Mr. Sheffield, owner of The Avenue International Kitchen in Livernoy, Detroitwas a respected member of the city’s business community and the principal organizer of the much-anticipated annual Jazz on the Avenue celebration of music, fashion, fun and food.

A veteran advocate for fair living and improving the quality of life for all citizens, he is undaunted by the pursuit of fairness and equality in a country that has repeatedly flouted promises of fair treatment. There was no

“As Black business owners, we remain fully responsible for our clients and customer experience, and we have a responsibility to make sure each one of us feels appreciated…for further inspiration. No,” Sheffield explained. He suggested that we should form an alliance to realize the opportunity.

Skilled entrepreneurs are most overlooked for transcending mundane commercial transactions and establishing lifelong, meaningful relationships between motivated and proven customers.

“By connecting himself and his resources to me and my two brothers, we will not only be paid and employed, but will guide me and help create a family legacy for generations of wealth and well-being. I will always remember and respect him for emphasizing the importance of this.”

Sheffield continued to focus on ‘awards’ during Detroit’s economic downturn, when many businesses closed in the popular retail mecca. In addition, we reached out to businesses and media across the country. Ultimately, tales of Avenue of Fashion comebacks, new business launches, and entertainment industry collaborations are largely due to his vision of “global community.”

Business leaders, entertainers, cultural leaders, influencers, and high-profile celebrities are deeply appreciative of the relentless efforts of notable figures.

Jennifer, Dominic, Rafael, and Gary, the father of four brilliant children, were a great example of the adage “we need a village.” Sheffield has continued to help empower hundreds of people to fulfill their destinies and define their lives on their own terms.

Much to the chagrin of thousands of his supporters around the world, Vincent Sheffield succumbed to a vicious attack of prostate cancer.

He travels to celebrate the passing of many friends, family, collaborators and supporters.

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