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What’s your favorite Costco item?

Key Point

  • Toilet paper is one of Costco’s most popular products. Costco sells over 1 billion bottles a year.
  • Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chicken is also popular, selling hundreds of millions of chickens each year.
  • Costco’s bacon, hot dog, soda combo, and Gus round out the top five.

Costco is one of America’s most popular retailers. We handle a wide range of products from food to household goods and furniture. Costco is famous for bulk buying and low prices, but what are the 5 most popular items?

1. Toilet paper

Yes, it is! Costco’s best-selling product is the Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue. We sell over 1 billion rolls each year and generate over $400 million in revenue. Costco toilet paper is thicker and more absorbent than most other brands. It also has a lower price per seat than many other brands.

2. Rotisserie chicken

Costco’s chicken is fresh roasted all day and is a great value at just $4.99 per piece. A similar rotisserie his chicken at chain grocery store Ralph’s is twice the price he’s $9.99. How does Costco make money on chicken?In fact, selling hundreds of millions of chickens each year costs him $30 million to $40 million a year. Costco keeps its chickens in the very back of its warehouse, hoping that the more profitable it will be handed over, the more it will buy.

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3. Bacon

Costco’s bacon is also very popular with shoppers. The bacon is thick cut, smoked and very tasty. It’s also cheaper than many other brands of bacon, so great value. According to Consumer Reports, Costco’s Kirkland Bacon was rated #1 in a taste test. Kirkland Signature Hickory Smoked Bacon is crispy and has the perfect balance of fat and meat flavors. Even better, Costco sells him for $6.25 a pound, about $1.25 less than the competition.

4. hot dog

Costco’s $1.50 hot dog and soda price hasn’t changed since 1985. Costco sells 100 million hot dogs each year. This popular food court combo is a customer favorite and one of Costco’s most famous products.

5. gas

If you drive to Costco, you can’t help but notice the long lines of cars waiting to be refueled. Costco gas prices are very competitive. Savings are based on where you live, with some Costco locations selling gas for $0.30 less per gallon than nearby competitors.

Costco sells a wide variety of products, from food to daily necessities. The company has become known for its quality items and is a great place to shop if you’re looking for quality at an affordable price.These five of his products are Costco’s most popular items, It is visited by millions of shoppers every year. Shopping there might help your finances as well.

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