Voice assistants are now deployed across multiple customer touchpoints. Most of these implementations are fragmented and do not give customers a consistent experience. Nor do they have solutions that are typically integrated into enterprise CRM systems. Jeff McMahon sat down with his Voicebot to discuss his enterprise shift to omnichannel voice assistant deployments with common conversation capabilities and his repositories of content implemented across various owned and shared channels.

Voicify’s conversational AI omnichannel model includes 14 different customer channels where companies have implemented solutions. These channels range from websites and text chats to contact centers, kiosks, metaverse virtual worlds, and smart speakers. McMahon reviews case studies of conversational AI channel expansion at Audacy, Smoothie King, and Volkswagen.

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Much of McMahon’s discussion focuses on the maturity of voice assistant adoption within the enterprise. While many of the early conversational AI deployments were experiments within Amazon Alexa or mobile apps, others were deployed as contact center chatbots or “smart” IVRs, companies are shifting their approach. They now position their conversational assistant as an enterprise feature. This provides better integration with Systems of Record, scalability considerations, and creating a common user experience.

Additionally, McMahon said quality targets have changed. “A few years ago, it felt like the whole industry was saying, ‘Let’s see what the human experience would be like. It’s going to be fast, accurate and fun,” McMahon said.

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This interview is part of the 10 Minutes On thought leadership series by Voicebot.ai.The interview focuses on one topic, is short enough to watch between Zoom meetings, and long enough to share some interesting insights and solution details. Video interviews can be found on Voicebot’s YouTube channel or in the top navigation bar of the website.[ビデオ]You can find it by clicking

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