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Soon a wise historian will look back on the last twelve years and try to understand what the madness was, in academic terms. It’s dizzying to think of the number of events we’ve dusted ourselves off, gotten up on our feet and collectively yelled ‘next’. There are several roll calls: the financial crisis, austerity, the UK’s Brexit, Trump, Covid and subsequent lockdowns. With no agreed-upon name to sum up the era, I’m going back to the name of the news podcast I found recently. What now?

I’ve also put up with my fair share of drama over the past 12 months. An unpredictable tyrant, Putin, and the invasion of Ukraine caused by the tragic human aftermath and economic upheaval that resulted in a cost of living crisis. Oh, and amidst all this, the Conservatives have forcibly removed one of his prime ministers and installed another. New incumbents of Number 10 are advised to pause unpacking boxes. More uncertainty.

One thing is certain, a recession is coming. That, combined with the highest inflation in decades and the potential for interest rate spikes, makes for a toxic brew.

It’s been a roller coaster 12 months, 12 extraordinary years, but take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back.

We have all been greatly affected by these events. Within companies, marketers are the most common. As the ostensible “voice of the customer,” good marketers are the bridge between consumers and businesses.

While tasked with servicing and maximizing the opportunities for those who buy or are likely to buy your product, you lock in your organization to do the same. And do so in such a way as to exercise influence.
Trying to achieve all of this when fully exposed to the whims of macroeconomics and reactions to unprecedented events is to use jargon.

Turning, bending, re-planning, thinking differently. He has to make his marketing claims louder and more persistent than his predecessor. It goes without saying that you need to lead your team to find enough people with the required skill sets.

Lead marketing in an era of extreme uncertainty. I don’t envy that job.
It’s Marketing Week’s duty to hold the industry accountable. And there’s a lot to explain. There are also many examples of marketers getting it wrong, regardless of the current situation. From defining effectiveness to intentional over-indexing and all the dead ends and pointless efforts in between.

But it is also necessary to give credit when credit is due. “Oh god! What now? Age, it’s more due than ever.

the best of the best

Top 100 Marketing Week, sponsored by Tag, is a great way to do just that. In honor of the UK’s top marketers, we celebrate their achievements and their adaptability and resilience. We spotlight the 100 best to celebrate them and show what the industry can do when it’s tested to the limits.

The Top 100 are drawn from a long list of judges who are the most experienced, insightful and well-informed people in the industry, ten UK-based or with a significant presence. It consists of 10 vertical sector groups of senior marketers.

We throw the net wide. We want to represent as many corners of marketing as possible. This list includes public and private organization marketers and all categories in between, B2B and his B2C, scale-up, and common names. The goals set may vary, but they have one thing in common. An influential, influential and effective marketing leader.

There are daunting challenges ahead, some known and some unknown. The screws are about to tighten the 2023 budget.

Let’s stop wringing our hands and staring at our navels for a moment and celebrate making the Top 100. It’s their abilities, their abilities, and their unquestionable skills to adapt and thrive.

More importantly, what they stand for: excellence that the UK marketing industry can point to. It’s been a roller coaster ride for her 12 months, his 12 years extraordinary, but let’s take a deep breath and pat ourselves on the back. Everyone.

Our Top 100 achievements are a testament to what the industry is all about. Congratulations.

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