Creative Circle announced the 2013 Add of the Year Award winners on April 3 at the newly renovated The Venue in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.

The Creative Circle 2013 Ad of the Year Results

Creative Circle Ad of the Year results announced, Creative Circle Chairman Justin Gomes – FoxP2 commented: “Sponsors I remember. Looking at the winners, it wasn’t a big surprise that all the pieces had won at previous awards shows. Digital Winners is where we need to be.What we aim for as an industry – innovative ideas at scale that are made even stronger through close client-agency collaboration.We want to compete on the international stage. If so, we are the force that penetrates popular culture and makes our clients famous.”

individual agency winner

agency Money Silver bronze total points
7 points 5 points 3 points
TBWA Hunt Lascaris 3 15
FCB JHB/Hello Computer 2 1 13
Network #work BBDO 1 2 13
Ogilvy CT 1 1 12
DDB SA 1 7
Joe Public 1 7
Y&R SA 1 7
Fox P2 1 Five
ireland davenport 1 3
native 1 3
Ogilvy Jhb 1 3
Owen Kessel Leo Burnett 1 3

group agency

agency Money Silver bronze total points
7 points 5 points 3 points
FCB (Jhb/CT/HelloComputer) 1 2 1 20
Ogilvy (Jhb/CT) 1 1 1 15
Network #work BBDO 1 2 13
TBWA Hunt Lascaris (Jhb) 13
DDB SA 1 7
Joe Public 1 7
Y&R SA 1 7
Fox P2 1 Five
ireland davenport 1 3
native 1 3
Owen Kessel Leo Burnett 1 3

Add of the Year 2013

gold details

agency Category product and title
DDB SA Print McDonald’s/children’s birthday party
“Matthew & the Paper House/Ollie &
Glass House/Abigail and the Inflatable House”
FCBCT outside of home Engen/Calendar “Fire Blanket”
NET#WORK BBDO movie Mercedes-Benz / Attention Assist “Colleague”
Joe Public wireless One school at a time “Project English Day 1 to Day 5”
Y&R SA experiential Safety Lab & Blikkiesdorp4Hope “Hope Soap”
Ogilvie CT Digital Cape Town Tourism “Send your Facebook profile to Cape Town”

silver details

agency Category product and title
TBWA Hunt Lascaris Print Flight Center/Student Flight “Ireland/Austria/
FOXP2 outside of home Star Kineker “Laptop Billboard”
TBWA Hunt Lascaris movie Tiger Brands/Uniball – Write in your own voice “Bust you out/Swapped at Birth/Pappy is Dead”
FCB JHB wireless Toyota SA/genuine parts “Valkyrie’s Ride/At the Mountain King’s Mansion/William Tell Overture”
FCB JHB wireless Toyota SA/Lexus “Clinch”
ireland davenport experiential Fox International/Crime Channel “Cinema Crime Scene”
Ogilvy CT Digital Audi SA/R8 Coupe ‘disappeared in 5 minutes’

bronze details

agency Category product and title
TBWA Hunt Lascaris Print Mail & Guardian / Freedom Knows “Napalm Girl / Diana Tunnel / Mandela Prison / Twin Towers”
native outside of home Organ Foundation “Exchange”
NET#WORK BBDO movie SANBS/Blood Donation “Ad Break Donation”
Owen Kessel Leo Burnett movie Business Day “Education/Housing/Guptas – More Rights Than You”
NET#WORK BBDO wireless Mercedes-Benz / Certified Pre-Owned “Nest”
Ogilvy JHB experiential KFC/Ad Hope “Journey of Hope”
FCB JHB/Hello Computer Digital JHB Zoo “The world’s first LIVE tweeting badger”
advertising judge
Justin Gomez, FoxP2 (Chair)
Adam Webber, Joe Public
Brett Morris, FCB
Chris Gotz, Ogilvy
Fran Luckin, Quark
Festus Masekwameng, Mojo MR
Graham Lang, Y&R
FCB’s Grant Sitol
Gareth Lessing, M&C Searchabel
Jenny Glover, Network BBDO
John Davenport, Ireland Davenport
Kirk Gainsford, Rowe
Nathan Reddy, Grid
Neo Mashigo, Ogilvy
Rob McLennan, King James 11
Theo Ferreira, Aqua Online
Vanessa Pearson, House of Brave
Vincent Osmond, TBWA Hunt Lascaris
digital jury
Pete Case, Grew (Chair)
Fred Rod, WWC
Fran Luckin, Quark
Matt Ross, Punk/King James
Fran Luckin, Quark
Matt Ross, Punk/King James
Nelri Rossam, native
Gareth MacPherson, Machine
David Moffat, HelloComputer
Nathan Shigauke, M&C Search Abel
Tom Cullinan, Jupiter Drawing Room
Grant Jacobsen, FoxP2
Category Comment from the advertising committee chair
Print DDB’s McDonalds Kid’s Birthday Party has overtaken Hunt Lascaris’ Student Flight for the number one spot. Beautifully crafted from timeless insight, this campaign is a worthy follow-up to the original Kid’s Birthday Party in 2012 when he took the stage to win Gold at Cannes for DDB. Student Flight headlined Osmond in his campaign and other years, and he was probably the #1 winner.
movie Not content with just wiping out every known radio award, Jenny and Brent decided to take on the Mercedes-Benz Auto with a simple idea perfectly executed by the understated but extremely talented Bruno Bossi of Egg Films. I put an assist in the movie. The casting, performances and soundtrack are all spot on.
experiential Hope Soap for Safety Lab and Blikkiesdorp4Hope continued the Y&R team’s winning path. A great idea that encouraged the children of Blikkiesdorp to wash their hands repeatedly with soap and get the toys embedded inside. This groundbreaking work was also nominated for the D&AD Pencil. Hats off to Graham, Rui and the rest of the team.
wireless Project English Day for One School At A Time is a great example of radio innovation by the Joe Public team. We hear young girls reading messages live on the radio every morning for a week. Each time I hear how her speaking has improved after spending an afternoon practicing the same message with my English tutor. It also won a gold medal at Loeries, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one win international silverware.
outside of home As the Ster-Kinekor Laptop Billboard and the Engen Fire-Blanket battled for first place, the judges voted for the Loerie Grand Prix winner Engen Fire-Blanket as the top winner. Another example of a great idea designed to make a difference for disadvantaged people in South Africa. As the country’s leading provider of paraffin, this Engen initiative is not only relevant, it’s beautiful, simple and effective.
Digital Cape Town Tourism commissioned Ogilvy CT to find an untraditional approach to marketing the Mother City. Chris and Nick’s team devised a digital integration campaign called ‘Send your Facebook Profile on Holiday’ that saw a 118% increase in Cape Town tourist bookings. Ogilvy Cape Town continues to dominate the space, not as a digital agency, but as a digital agency.

Creative Circle Digital Chairperson Pete Case – Gloo commented: However, we weren’t surprised by the end result and it further proves that good ideas permeate our judges, whatever their creative background.

Overall, our industry seems to be making gradual improvements in producing compelling case study videos, but some entries lack the ability to convey ideas and details, leaving the review process I had a hard time. Those looking for tips on how to package their entries are encouraged to use these winning examples as a benchmark.

The top three winners represent the different types of digital work produced by this industry, from integrated campaigns to tactical use of media and finally experiential campaigns. ”

Category digital chair comment
1st Place, Cape Town Sightseeing This year’s top honor goes to Ogilvy of the Cape Town Tourism Campaign. This is a well-deserved win for a detailed and integrated idea that allows people to expertly submit their girlfriend’s Facebook profile on a virtual tour of Cape Town. After signing up and selecting specific areas of interest, I was able to take a personalized tour of Cape Town via content published within my Facebook timeline.

To make this happen, Ogilvy’s team created and shot a ton of content. This allowed us to create a compelling and unusual marketing campaign for the small hotspots and hidden gems that Cape Town has to offer tourists. The prize for some lucky winners was to participate in a physical version of the digital tour of their choice. For me, the beauty of this campaign is that, via the timeline content, not only the participants directly involved, but also friends and family (I was jealous when my friends and family were traveling abroad) It was the fact that we reached This has helped clear up confusion in a category that has become very oversaturated globally.

2nd place: AUDI R8 This is definitely the idea we want to come up with this year! And mostly because of its simplicity. This is basically an advertisement for the new R8, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. So the agency used YouTube’s pre-roll ad space tactically because this ad was able to tell his story in less than five seconds. This space allows the viewer to watch his first five seconds of the ad and then skip to whatever they choose to watch.

Because skipped ads are paid and 90% of ads are skipped, Audi was able to tell its story to most viewers for free. Pretty simple and a great tactical use of media space. Well done (again), Team Ogilvy. It’s a more marketable theme than tourism, which may be why the judges felt he should have been second in these awards instead of first.

#3 Johannesburg Zoo Digital is often criticized for being cold, but this campaign oozed personality and emotion. To draw attention to the Johannesburg Zoo, Hello Computer used one of its stars, her, to tell a story that could certainly create compelling content for a wide audience. They outfitted the badger’s pen with his six sensors, which when activated by the badger’s movements, took live photos and posted them alongside well-crafted tweets. This has created a stream of humorous and engaging social his content that has since seen a significant increase in viewership.

At its core is excellent use of technology combined with well-written copy. This is often criticized as lacking in South African digital works. Due to its unusual content, the campaign was widely discussed across many non-online channels, including television, radio, and print. As a result, we have achieved high suction power at low cost. This should be the most fun and memorable campaign of the year.

Finally, a big thank you to Arlene from Creative Circle and Theresa from IAB. We would also like to thank Native for allowing us to use the venue and IT support for the final judging. Celebrate your digital future for the rest of 2014. Whatever form it takes next!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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