Marietta City Councilman Bill Gossett (front) discusses city parking with City Councilmen Brett Orfin and Michael Scales before the start of the City Council’s Finance Committee meeting on Monday night. Photo by Nancy Taylor)

Marietta City Engineer Joe Tucker is proposing to save Marietta $100,000 by amending the city’s fiscal 2024 Ohio Public Works Board financial assistance application.

Tucker, who outlined the details at Monday’s city council finance committee meeting, said Marietta typically asks the committee for a $300,000 grant and a $100,000 loan, the amount requested in the August application as well. is.

But with costs rising so quickly, the cost estimate for the citywide resurfacing and Americans with Disabilities Act curb ramp programs has risen to $676,576.

Tucker said he checked to see if increasing the number of grants and loans would be acceptable.

“Maximizing grant funding is perfectly fine, so I propose to increase the grant application to $375,500 and the loan amount to $125,000.” He said.

City engineer Joe Tucker explains to the Marietta City Council Finance Committee how fixing the repaving of the original road and applying for a curb ramp to the Ohio Public Works Commission could save the city $100,000. doing. (Photo by Nancy Taylor)

That would reduce local income, enough to save $100,000. To do so, however, the council would have to pass a new resolution citing the changes. Tucker said he has until Oct. 21 to submit the revised resolution.

Including the loan is a factor in increasing the amount of subsidy you can receive, and there is no penalty for early repayment of the loan, Tucker said.

“The bottom line is that this will get you more subsidies.” He said.

The Finance Committee also heard from Police Chief Katie Warden about two proposed fund transfers involving the department.

A $25,000 remittance was requested from the Parking Fund to purchase equipment for the digitized parking system.

“I think it’s the only system left in Ohio that does all this with pencil and paper.” She mentioned issuing parking tickets, accepting payments, and tracking delinquencies.

“Currently we accept cash, checks and money orders for payment. That’s it,” she said. “No online payments, no debit cards, no credit cards.”

Parking enforcement officer Rob Emerick will continue to patrol the streets, but will have a portable unit that can print tickets and attach photos of vehicles if needed.

In the long run, you’ll be able to create more tickets as you get used to the system.

The system helps keep track of tickets flowing, keeps information about tickets flowing, and can even generate delinquency notices if needed. Payment can be made in person, online or by phone.

She consulted three vendors and the one she chose is used by Athens county, the chief said.Initial cost is $25,460 for the entire system, custom made for Marietta “And bring us into the 21st century” she said.

It takes about three months for the company to upload the city ordinance and incorporate all the necessary elements. After that, it costs $18,000 a year in license and user fees.

The second remittance requested by the police is $1,800 to buy a Bernedoodle puppy to be a therapy dog ​​to go with the school’s resource officer. It is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle.

When not at school, dogs are used to socialize with nursing home residents and other seniors.Reynoldsburg breeders in department “Amazing” He put a price on the dog because he knew how it would be used, she said. Choose a dog from among several puppies. Alderman Bill Gossett said Bernedoodle is the same breed as his two therapy dogs owned by the county.

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