MG Empower has launched its own collection of NFTs as part of an internal project to dive headfirst into web3. Here, agency’s Sophia Bunker explains why it’s worth it.

In recent months, the industry has been dominated entirely by web3. Naturally, as a fully integrated marketing powerhouse, we decided to launch our own NFT collection.

Collectively known as web3, the new channel is expected to revolutionize the very nature of influencer marketing, brand storytelling and customer experience. We’re seeing big names like Burberry, Puma, and H&M stepping into virtual waters. We also know that more brands are looking for expert guidance to help them navigate it. The sooner brands realize that this is not a passing fad, the better.

So, with the wonderful world of web3 in full swing, we asked MG Empower Senior We spoke with Creative Strategy Managers Edward Ogunrinde and Kieran Kelly. Launch your own NFT.

MG Empower's original NFT artwork

community is king

Influencers are experts in intimate communities. In web3 this takes it to the next level. As ownership over the community grows, it increasingly assumes the role of gatekeeper and guardian, especially in deciding which brands are allowed to “join”. Brands need to be more careful than ever when sourcing influencers for their campaigns. Their close-knit community is quick to denounce their false existence.

“We all know that ‘content is king’. But for web3, we need to rethink and remember that ‘community is king,'” said Senior MG Empower. Kieran Kelly, Creative Strategist, said.

Target audience: new challenges

With the move to a decentralized internet, one of the biggest learning curves is figuring out how brands can engage their audiences in new worlds. Everything needs to change: communication, influencer partnerships, community building. Not all audiences are digitally savvy, which makes the testing and learning process important. This new world won’t resonate with everyone, so brands need to think twice and evaluate how (and how much) they engage.

“Influencers become the brand’s hero product. Think of it as becoming a commodity in its own right,” says Edward Ogunrinde, senior creative strategist at MG Empower.

Original NFT of MG Empower

Navigating the new balance of power

As walled gardens crumble, brands need to give influencer partners more ownership. This is because one of web3’s hallmarks is its decentralized exchange. When negotiating deals, brands need to recognize that influencers are in charge of their communities.

Ogunrinde said:

Smooth transitions

If brands want to enter (and don’t own) this space, they need to take their audiences on the journey with them. Laying the groundwork and putting usability first means that when planning your launch, your audience is native enough that the experience doesn’t feel contrived. There are many ways to do it, but strategy and patience are key.

“It’s a challenge to get into this space, but if a brand is brave enough to take that step, it can earn a lot of respect from the audience,” says Kelly.

Original NFT of MG Empower

Why Launch Your Own NFT Collection

In light of all these exciting changes, we realized it was time to jump into this world for ourselves and challenge ourselves. Queue MG Empower ‘#ValuesCollection’.

This process is an exercise in self-reflection, turning myself into a strategic lens that I use with my clients, curating designs around an idea of ​​what each value looks like to the team at MG Empower. , nodded to co-creation. A very important factor for web3. We emulated our clients’ journeys by advising ourselves and strategically building stories that are meaningful, impactful, and reflective of who we are. Our five values ​​– Energy, Empathy, Vision, Excellence and Empowerment – ​​are the pillars of our agency community.

A community-building tool at heart, NFTs seemed like the perfect vehicle to visualize our brand and culture as one.

Each part of the collection reflects an element of our identity and is designed to last forever as a unique digital collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Fusing abstract shapes with powerful shapes, our in-house studio team of experts combined our values ​​with patterns and colors to bring MG Empower’s vision to life.

Across five divisions, we provide clients with cutting-edge influencer marketing, media buying, design and experiential production, and advanced analytics and talent management. Everything is integrated and orchestrated to take your award-winning campaign even further. This project embodies how these different products work together to create successful and innovative campaigns.

Ogunrinde concludes: Decision making in an area not yet fully discovered. ”

“#ValuesCollection” is the first to launch under many upcoming projects underway as part of MG Empower’s #MGEWeb3Dive series. Check out our Instagram to see what launches we’ll be sharing next.

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