Kruger Corporation, a technology multinational with a 29-year history in the market and operations in 12 countries, continues its internationalization process and arrives in the United States in search of new talent.

Kruger said:

In the age of digital evolution, businesses face two main challenges. It’s about understanding the building blocks of digital transformation and having access to the expertise to execute the technological change to make this progress possible.

Kruger is an initiative to provide young people in particular with opportunities to gain valuable work experience and to meet the demand for trained talent in this competitive market. Proceed through the selection process.

“The pandemic has favored traditional companies that transform and use technology. , we’re talking to companies across the country and we know there’s an opportunity to serve the American market with the best talent, Hispanic talent,” Krueger noted.

“We are hiring them here to start working with Kruger’s team of bilingual talent working with Hispanic talent. We have the talent and leverage partnerships with big manufacturers like Google and Amazon,” added Kruger.

Ecuadorian entrepreneur Ernesto Kruger. Photo: Noticias Newswire.
Ecuadorian entrepreneur Ernesto Kruger. Photo: Noticias Newswire.

Through social media, Kruger launched a search for talent in the United States, specifically targeting young people looking for flexible and remote work.

From Kruger highlights how collaborators don’t need a college degree. Because in just nine months we can train an expert to handle the necessary tools and software.

“The desire to learn and the experience makes a technical expert,” says Kruger.

The company stands out for its strong focus on sustainability and environmental considerations to drive its business, a strategy that allows the carbon footprint associated with creating applications using blockchain to be measured. is.

“It is important to improve people’s economies, but it is also important to avoid the damage caused by climate change,” Krueger stresses.

“Today, we are a family of over 400 people with a socially responsible approach focused on transforming education. Latin American talent, for example, can ambitiously specialize these young developers and turn them into blockchain experts.

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