If the flash goes off when someone tries to take a secret photo in public, it’s definitely scary.

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Entrance to Hooters in Las Vegas.

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And in certain circumstances it becomes an inappropriate offense, especially at someone’s workplace.

Such was the case with one Hooters employee who noticed a customer trying to take pictures of employees in their infamous uniforms without permission.

Rather than simply calling customers face-to-face, Hooters waitress Lydia Warren took to TikTok to publicize her actions, which have amassed more than 1.3 million views and hundreds of supportive comments. I felt embarrassed.

“This guy wants to come to Hooters and take pictures of girls without asking,” she tells the viewer, flipping the camera over and zooming in on a man far away from her looking directly at the camera. .

Viewers praised Warren for calling the man out and not supporting workplace harassment.

“We are no longer uncomfortable in silence,” wrote one excited viewer. “I love it!”

“He could have literally just asked for a picture. If I was at his table, indirect embarrassment would make me walk away (laughs),” said another.

Other commentators shared similar experiences working with chains and other rival restaurants with similar uniform rules.

“Go girl!…I was a hooter girl 23 years ago…thank god technology isn’t what it is today,” said one former employee.

“When I was the manager of Twin Peaks, I immediately walked up to the table and told them to remove and to shame me in front of my friends,” one viewer said. He said he worked at Peaks.

In September, a Hooters employee exposed why a former co-worker was fired on TikTok, claiming she saw him fired for dyeing her hair or wearing the wrong jewelry. It spread by word of mouth.

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