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The first step in calculating the cost of any new business is a business plan. You should ensure that you have enough funds for this period to expect a breakeven point of 6 months. Include a safety net when requesting a loan. Here are the items that fit your budget.


There are many shops that cannot operate without proper equipment, such as restaurants that require an oven. You see chairs, desks, and computers. Not everyone necessarily needs a phone. Don’t forget the software you’ll definitely need, like accounting and customer records.

Registration and License

You must pay to register your business. A limited liability or incorporated business typically costs around $300, but some states can charge upwards of $700 to file an article. Some industries also have licensing requirements. Retailers need a tax license.

office for rent

Working from home can save you a lot of money on rental fees. However, it is not really an option for many companies. Consider buying real estate only after the business has passed the early stages. Property prices vary by location.


If you sell products, you need inventory. This can cost up to 25% of your monthly budget. Read on to find out how you can manage your inventory in the coming months.


You might think that this is something you can get later. But if you don’t get the coverage you need when you need it, your business could be closed for weeks or completely while you struggle to pay your insurance claims. Think fires, thefts, lawsuits. Get cheap business insurance online.


A website is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Absolutely necessary if you have an online business. Research shows that many customers won’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a website. You can create a free website as long as it is professional and easy to navigate. However, many companies prefer to outsource this important job to make sure there are no issues negatively impacting them.


Some estimates put us at about $2.10 per square foot of rented space for electricity, water, gas, phone and internet. However, this can vary greatly depending on usage, so you should ensure that all staff adhere to energy reduction strategies. HVAC may be a good decision, but if you’re in a fairly new building, first he can wait until after a year to install.

staff salaries

Research your industry’s salary standards. This varies between 25% and 50% of the total budget and indicates business efficiency. Also, you don’t want to underpay or overpay your employees, so check how much your employee’s job typically pays. Consider personnel costs in addition to base salary.

Other costs you may incur include shipping, travel costs, signage, and office supplies. You will also have to pay taxes. Decide where you can cut costs first and where it is important to use quality items, such as a computer that does not slow down and has ample storage space. Outsource your marketing and website unless you feel confident doing professional work.

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