Soccer is the most popular sport in the United States, and there’s no better place to start your career in the business side of the game than the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management at the University of South Carolina. The university’s Department of Sports and Entertainment Management is recognized as one of the best and largest programs of its kind, with a combination of cutting-edge academics, industry connections, and top-notch faculty that make it the best choice for football industry leaders. A first class training ground was born. .

“I said, ‘I know I’m not going to college to play sports, but I definitely want to work in sports.’ It turned out to be the best decision I made in my life,” said an alumnus and now several NFL players. Aaron Henderson, the representative agent, said.

The soccer industry is an economic power that continues to grow dramatically. The NFL team was worth 14 % from 2021 in 2022, and the average value per team was $ 3.48 billion. The league is going smoothly to achieve the goal of annual income by 2027.

Football advantage in sports business is not only for professionals. College Football made a record profile of $ 1.16 billion in 2021, and is the second most popular sport in the United States based on the number of attendees and viewers, and the major league baseball. , Exceeded the university and NBA basketball.

Graduates of university sports and entertainment management schools are more than half of NFL’s 32 teams in the league home office, and plays a leading role from scouts to team management, ticket sales, and marketing. 。 Graduates are also managing university football nationwide (many stay at their alma mater and cooperate with the game cock).

“It goes back to the combination of theory and practice, which is the foundation of our university,” says Matt Brown, chairman of the sports and entertainment management department. “Our students can learn from first -class teachers and have the experience of the real world to prepare for intense work in soccer, so they can have competitiveness in the dream work market.”

Alexa Hill, standing in the football stadium in NFL Los Angeles Rams, is pouring a blizzard on her.
Alexandria Hill, a graduate of sports and entertainment management in 2019, is currently engaged in football in Los Angeles Rams.

In the classroom, students are learning specialized courses, such as the management of game days, sports marketing, and venue management, from the combination of teachers who have served as team presidants and athletic directors. Outside the classroom, students are learning through practice. It supports SEC college football games, bowl games, college football playoffs, and the operation of Super Bowl, the largest sporting event in the United States. Also, all undergraduate students need to complete her two internships, so classes are immediately transferred to practice.

“I was able to gain fortunate experience through the internship requirements of sports and entertainment management programs in the employment class after graduating from university,” he said. The Maddy Valsey says. Legend of AT & T stadium (home of Dallas cowboys) he is a director of hospitality. “Our fields are very practical, and we have gained experience in two major sports organizations before graduation, so we can go 10 steps to move to a career in the sports industry. I am grateful that many of my professors have built a course work mainly in very relevant industry -related events and scenarios. “

Teachers in the Department of Sports and Entertainment Management are leaders in sports research, and have specialized centers and scholars that concentrate on university sports, ticket sales, sports, fans, sports gambling, economic impact, sustainable business management, etc. increase. Studies span the scope of sports and entertainment, but often focus on soccer. For example, Associate Professor Tom Regan has conducted a survey of more than 80 economic impacts to organizations such as Bronkos, Carolina Pan Therm’s and Game Cox.

A group of UOFSC graduates standing in a soccer field with Professor Danny Morrison.
The fourth Danny Morrison from the right teaches a master’s level course on sports management on UOFSC, providing an opportunity to gain experience with students and graduates at Charlotte Sports Foundation, an executive director.

When teachers lead the research, classes in the classroom are formed. The professor not only injects the latest survey results into the curriculum, but also integrates the current events that are occurring in real time. If the topic related to soccer business is in the news, it is often discussed and discussed on the Colombian campus by the leader of the industry.

The reputation for the outstanding nature of sports and entertainment management departments has attracted a list of unique experienced teachers and industry partners. Former Chairman of Carolina Pan Therm’s and the current Executive of the Charlotte Sports Foundation, Danny Morrison, joined the faculty and staff in 2017.

“Choosing South Carolina was an easy decision,” Morrison, a practical professor who is currently teaching a master’s level sports management course. “I was always impressed by the nature of the students of the program who came to work in Panthers. The quality of the faculty and staff they are doing is wonderful.”

The program’s reputation also contributed to the decision by Panthers owners David and Nicole Tepper to create a Tepper Scholars program in South Carolina in 2020. Our prestigious scholarship and career development programs are designed to attract the best and brightest sports and entertainment managers. Students focused on supporting minority students.

Increasing diversity and comprehension in the field of sports management is the focus of this program. In addition to some specialized scholarships, student clubs, and mentorship for minority students, they work hard to build their careers in soccer, including those who were once closed. The door is continuously opened for those who are not sure.

“How many Asians do you see in soccer? There was no one similar to me who grew up in NFL, so someday a small girl or boy in Asian look at me and said,” I want to be like KJ. She wants to say my example, “says Kjahna O, a graduate of the 2020 sports and entertainment management master’s program and currently Atlanta Falconz scout coordinator.

Kjahna O. in the field with the players and coaches of Atlanta Falcons

Kjahna O has graduated from UOFSC, acquired a master’s degree for sports and entertainment management, and is currently a scout coordinator for Atlanta Falcons.

An important factor in creating career opportunities for the increasing number of student population is to use all soccer -related careers. As part of College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sports Management in South Carolina, sports and entertainment management programs have a strong synergistic effect in the research field of hospitality, tourism, and retail management. Graduates of the universities as a whole have opened doors to the success of soccer -related careers in venues, teams, leagues, and companies, such as Fanatics, ESPN, Draftkings, Learfield, CSC, Under Armor, Legends Hospitality.

Alumni Brandon Ruth is a Falcons operations director. Gabriela Beavers is a club marketing manager in the NFL League Office. Catherine Saulino is her NFL Ladies and Kids’s apparel’s associate’s buyer in Fanatics. Her positions are diverse, from sales of tickets and sponsorship to community -related, business analysis, merchandising, catering, and equipment management.

“What was more advantageous than other candidates after graduating from university was a lucky experience through internship requirements for sports and entertainment management programs.”

Maddy Bargeen

“HRSM has helped to start my career in a way that I didn’t really expect. Similarly, focusing on finding something suitable for helping my growth and leapting the religion. Don’t be afraid to let me do it. “

Career paths are diverse, and teams are often rivals, but all graduates in South Carolina, who work in soccer business, share common passion for sports businesses. And when passion and preparation meet a chance, touchdown to career is approaching.

“South Carolina’s program is unmatched in terms of opportunities to provide students. Lindsey Zybrick, a graduate of sports and entertainment management in 2017 and now Jackson Building Jaguars, Lindsey Zybrick. He says, “They focus on building and raising human relationships inside and outside the classroom. It seems to be especially small in the very small industry. Thanks to direct testimony from professors, alumni, and colleagues. , I was always happy to provide guidance, so I felt that I was always ready to take a new opportunity. “

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