Despite Nigeria’s challenging business environment, tech entrepreneurs continue to thrive against all odds. They offer innovative solutions to problems.

One tech startup that harnesses the power of technology to deliver solutions is Kassy Olisakwe, founder of Kassy’s Blockchain Agency. Kassy’s Blockchain Agency is a startup building blockchain applications for individuals and businesses looking to move into the Web3 space.

Olisakwe, a 22-year-old senior blockchain developer, artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiast and inventor, started his business in 2021. world.

“I started working as a freelancer many years ago and learned more about technology.

“I am still an employee myself. I work remotely in the blockchain space with companies that have adopted the exact same business model as me at scale,” said Orisakwe.

He has a BS in Neuroscience from Duke University and is currently studying for his MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University, as well as CCNA and CCNP in Computer Networking, Comptia s+ in Cyber, and several others. He also holds an information technology (IT) certification from Security, Juniper He JNCIA Cloud under Cloud Technologies, He CBP under Blockchain Development, Machine Learning and Deep He Learning under AI and Robotics.

“As an inventor deeply involved in AI and robotics, I am working to create intelligent robots that have a deep understanding of humans and can form deep relationships with humans.”

The young IT guru believes that the blockchain industry is the next version of the internet after cryptocurrencies and the next big thing. “We all know very well that it is very important to the world of business.”

Olisakwe says that when you hear the term “blockchain,” think of it as a highly secure storage system that cannot be manipulated. “Imagine storing your business files and smart contracts there.”

“There is a lot of waste today where companies have to talk to multiple partner organizations. including trust issues in the event of a technical problem.

“Now imagine you entered a blockchain where all these organizations had a single source of truth to refer to and guaranteed tamper-proof properties. We will be able to reduce the lack of trust, paperwork, etc.,” he explained.

Indigenous peoples of Anambra did not need much capital to start a business as they only used a decent smartphone and internet connection.

“The money I earned when I started as a freelancer and the support of my parents who understand current trends has allowed me to scale by advertising on sites like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. capital.”

Some of the challenges he faces are the cryptocurrency ban imposed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which prevents Nigerian banks from interacting with cryptocurrency payments.

“Most of my customers pay directly in cryptocurrencies, but navigating that territory has not been easy. , as well as other recurring issues.

Also, the high inflationary pressure caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected his business as most of his customers with end users were affected. “The business isn’t booming at the end of the day, so they don’t see the need to expand.”

Speed ​​and quality are key factors that set his service apart from other blockchain businesses. According to a retired network security engineer and avid gamer, he not only distributes projects among multiple people for easy completion, but also greatly reduces the time it takes to build a solution or token.

“Every process has to go through everyone for quality assurance, so a project that takes the average agency a month to build takes a week to build with better quality. It will only take a while, and we will tie it all together with our technical know-how,” he adds.

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In 2020, Olisakwe wrote a book titled “The Guide to Artificial Intelligence”. This book is about creating super-intelligent thinking machines and how computers can become more intelligent than humans.

“We then wanted to demonstrate that much more powerful intelligences could be created just a few decades later. and opportunities. ”

Orisakwe believes AI is essential because AI machines already exist and will persist long after humans are extinct.

“As early as the next five years, AI machines will make up more than 50% of the job market. is.

“Tesla is already in the limelight with self-driving cars and in the next few years there will be no need for human Uber drivers.In China, as we speak, there are no physical stores with human cashiers. ’” he explains.

“Robots are already trained in law, journalism, surgery, and many other areas, and have far surpassed humans,” he adds.

Regarding the skills required to start a blockchain business, Olisakwe said a good knowledge of software engineering, deep knowledge of cryptography and smart contracts is required. Because they are the backbone of all blockchain applications.

He advises other entrepreneurs to start early, even if it doesn’t always work out the first time. “Problems you try to solve before you start always get worse. No one feels ready if they don’t know their direction. Find a mentor in that space.”

One of the life values ​​that made him who he is today is wisdom, whose importance is often underestimated.

“Wisdom is often confused with words such as knowledge and intelligence, but the word wisdom is defined as experience and good judgment and the resulting soundness of actions and decisions.”

Over the next five years, he hopes to have artificial general intelligence robots, currently under development, in various parts of the world by 2027. ”

He also believes he is celebrating several technology patents. Most of it helps place him somewhere on the Forbes list. For more information on his services, you can contact him through his company email address at

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