Founding partner of VISIS Private Wealth, Chris Smith is a college graduate fresh off a degree in sports management with ambitious plans to play cricket for his country and big dreams of becoming CEO of Cricket Australia. was But like many things in his life, Chris’ career path took a turn.

The dream came true in 1999 when, instead of pursuing a career in sports, he got a job as an apprentice financial advisor. Financial advisor at the pulpit.

Chris was recently named to Barron magazine’s 2022 Top 100 Financial Advisors list for the sixth year in a row, recognized as Australia’s 26th leading financial advisor in 2022, and named the top non-bank alliance advisor in Queensland. was For a country boy from Tenterfield, New South Wales, it’s not a bad feat. Because when he was younger he dreamed of sports more than stocks.

In a series of national awards and recognition, Chris was recognized as SMSF Advisor of the Year and Investment Advisor of the Year at the 2018 IFA Excellence Awards. 2018 and he 2018 and he 2019 Professional Practice of the Year (National Finalist).

“The biggest challenge was trying to be a businessman at 25. I was naive enough to think I could and didn’t know the challenges of running a business and becoming a practicing physician.”

Chris comes down to being open to trying something new and allowing life to turn you around even if you have other plans. The combination of mathematics and my affinity for people led me to financial planning,” explains Chris.

Chris and his wife Wendy founded VISIS from their home in Brisbane just a few years into the financial advice business. “I spoke with my wife, who was working at Ernst & Young at the time, and shared our dream of starting a business together,” he says.

“When we launched VISIS, we were working from our kitchen bench, designing the logo, the ethos, and what kind of company we wanted to be. I already knew what I was doing, so that part came naturally.

humble beginnings

Chris Smith

Chris Smith and wife Wendy Smith

Starting a business from scratch at a young age with limited talent management experience and only a few years in the business world wasn’t always smooth sailing at first.

“The biggest challenge was trying to be a businessman at 25,” admits Chris. “I was naive enough to think I could do it, and ignorant of the challenges of being a practicing physician while running a business.”

Chris says he had to learn how to trust his staff and allow them to make self-directed decisions and set challenges for them to evolve.

“We want to share VISIS with more clients, grow our business so that we can grow to our current size, grow and recruit staff, and maintain the motivation and incentives to stay longer. We had to run it well, beyond,” he says.

“The biggest thing was making sure I was a good boss and mentor. If you are really focused and motivated to share your successes with your staff, it becomes very easy. Not me vs them, but certainly they are everything.

“If the staff can grow, it will only pay off with the benefits that come with it,” he adds.

“People come to work and want to do a good job. is worth fighting for,” admits Chris.

“They have made me a better person. I am proud of how good our advisors and staff have been over the long term and how they have become.”

keep balance

Outside of work, he balances his work by coaching juniors at the Valley District Cricket Club, volunteering with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, and pursuing his love of golf.

Family time is also important to Chris, who spends a few weeks each year in Byron Bay with his wife Wendy and teenage sons Oscar and Colby.

This year Chris and Wendy founded the Hands for Humanity Foundation. It is a charitable foundation focused on improving the quality of life for those in need, donating to 12 charities operating in Australia and abroad.

“It is important to put the client first, think about their interests, and build long-term relationships. is where the is built.”

This balancing act, advocated by Chris, is a big step forward for the business. Celebrating his 21st birthday in a special way at Brisbane City Hall this year, many of our staff and customers have been with us since the beginning.

Looking back to our humble beginnings when the company was founded in 2001, our initial vision to create a private wealth firm that is radically different from traditional financial planning services is now being realized.

The company is an independent, non-affiliated company with five partners, 32 staff, approximately 600 high net worth clients and A$1 billion assets under management.

VISIS is now recognized as one of Australia’s leading private wealth management firms, with a proven track record of providing sound, intelligent and successful financial advice to ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals and families.

Headquartered in Brisbane with offices in Sydney and plans to expand to Melbourne in the near future, we are building on the successes achieved for clients with more people across Australia.

Excellence, Integrity, Knowledge

Chris Smith

Chris Smith and staff at the VISIS Brisbane office

Chris is known for his passion and drive to help clients achieve their financial and life goals. He also provides independent expert advice on a variety of financial issues, from increasing retirement wealth through proper structuring to tax-efficient income generation.

“It is important to put the client first, think about their interests, and build long-term relationships. is built,” he says.

“Through years of experience working with top business people, high net worth individuals and families to manage, grow and protect wealth, we deeply appreciate our clients’ challenges, concerns, hopes and aspirations.”

The name VISIS is an acronym for the Latin phrase, meaning “With excellence, integrity and knowledge we rise”. These three values ​​– excellence, integrity and knowledge – are central to how VISIS delivers strategic advice and results to our clients.

“We continue to strive for excellence. It’s our spirit to just never give up,” he says.

“Once you make a promise and start delivering on it, you will find that your clients will respond with more referrals and a higher level of trust. It will be a prophecy.

“Part of our organic growth has come from taking care of our clients and trusting us enough to share it with their friends and colleagues.

“Recommending someone to be a financial advisor is no easy task, so I try to be very mindful of the level of service I offer to everyone.”

With high service standards, a strong client track record, an expanding awards cabinet and a strategic presence in Victoria, Chris Smith and the VISIS brand continue to grow their reputation as a leader in Australia’s financial advisory sector.

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